No Huddle No Mercy Offense – The Run Game

Clairton High School’s (PA) offense averaged 59.9 points per game or a total of 958 points over a 16 game schedule last season. The team finished 15-1. Clairton’s balanced attack produced 8,162 total yards with nearly 500 yards rushing per game. Offensive Coordinator Shawn Liotta recently completed a five-set series of DVDs on his prolific offense, now available at AFMvideos.com.

In this second DVD, Coach Liotta details his running game. In this video you will learn:

  • Specific running game objectives.
  • A run game overview including 3 base concepts and complimentary runs.
  • Identifying the defense in order to attack it.
  • Base defensive fronts including the 32, 42, 43, 34 and Bear.
  • The importance of protecting the box with screens.
  • The concept of the run game with screens attached.
  • 6 motions used in the run game – Jet, YoYo, Loop, Early, River/Lake and Ram/Lion.
  • Attacking various coverages to Jet Motion.
  • Power running concepts with blocking rules.
  • Actual run plays including Jet Power, Power with a Screen Attached, Power Option, and QB Power.
  • How to create conflict with a false key.
  • Inside Zone concepts including blocking rules.
  • Run plays from the Inside Zone including motion, trips, early motion, jet motion, and two-back inside zone.
  • Outside zone concepts with blocking rules.