No Huddle Power Pistol – The Running Game

What happens when you combine Nevadas Pistol offense with the up tempo style of the running game at Oregon? The answer is the face-paced, prolific No-Huddle, Power Pistol offense. Head coach Robbie Owens of Grand Junction High School (CO) successfully combined both and averaged 436 yards of total offense per game last fall.

In this DVD, you will learn:

-How to eliminate tendencies in the read run game.
-How to flip plays without flipping your running back.
-How to use various formations backfield actions, motions, and personnel groupings in all aspects of this offense.
-How to force the defense to play option responsibility, respect the power game, and defend the pass on any play.
-How it allows you to run a base two-back offense from the Shotgun.
-How running backs hit the LOS with downhill shoulders square, giving them better vision and easier cuts.
-How the No-Huddle Power Pistol combines the advantages of the Shotgun and the I-formation.
-The base formation with O-line splits and individual alignments.
-The concept of plays working off a double team concept.
-How specific power run plays work with player responsibilities.
-How the Zone Veer, Gator with a guard iso concept, Dart play and other variations of power run plays work.
-How blocking schemes adjust to formation and motion.
-Principles of the mesh point/read with the quarterback in charge.
-The identity of this offense multiple formation, multiple personnel groups, a conflict assignment running game, a vertical passing game and an up tempo, no-huddle offense.