Butler Bulldogs Wing-T Series

Butler High School (Matthews, NC) Head Coach Brian Hales led the Bulldogs to the state 4A title last fall and a perfect 15-0 record. Butler averaged 47 points per game in the process and has an overall 70-4 record over the last five years. Coach Hales recently completed a four set series of DVDs including Butler’s potent Wing-T series.

The video includes game film and is now available at AFMvideos.com.

In this DVD, you will learn:

· How the Wing-T series can be easily installed.

· How to make the best use of mis-direction with the Wing-T series.

· How to use and install multiple formations with this series.

· How the base play, “G”, counter, power, and bootleg are run out of this Wing-T series.

· The proper use of simple blocking rules.

· The best ways to take advantage of an over-aggressive defense.

· How the power play brings an extra blocker to the point of attack.

· The proper use of making adjustments for each play based on the defensive front and coverage.