Butler’s Quick Passing Game

Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina has an overall record of 70-4 over the last five seasons. In three of those seasons, Butler has won the North Carolina 4A State Championship. Last fall, the Bulldogs finished 15-0 while averaging 47 points per game. Head Coach Brian Hales recently completed a four set series of DVDs on his prolific offense. This DVD focuses on Butler’s quick passing game. The video includes game film and is now available at AFMvideos.com.

In this DVD, you will learn:

· The components of the quick passing game including quarterback play, receiver play and protections.

· The importance of pre-snap organization including coverage and protections.

· Drops from under center and in the shotgun.

· Post snap-action coverages and then delivery.

· Receiver play including pre-snap organization and releases.

· Pre-snap organization in protections by the O-line.

· Importance of protection by the running back.

· Importance of H-back protection.

· Routes called with combinations and options based on alignments.

· Actual routes called including hitch, speed out, slant, fade, comeback and zig.

· Importance of combination routes, proper spacing, and the ability to have options based on defensive coverage.