Butler Bulldogs – Dog Bite Series

Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina has been the state Class 4A Champion for three of the last four years. With an offense that averaged 47 points per game, part of Butler’s offensive attack is what they refer to as DogBite – a fast-paced, no-huddle package. Head Coach Brian Hales recently completed a four-set series of DVDs including his prolific DogBite package. This video includes game film and is now available at AFMvideos.com.

In this DVD, you will learn:

· What DogBite is – any personnel grouping that you choose. It is referred to as Blue, Green, White, and Orange in this DVD.

· Determining four plays for each game plan.

· How to catch a defense unprepared.

· Where DogBite works best.

· When and how DogBite is primarily used.

· How to take advantage of a specific defensive personnel package.

· How DogBite can be used to improve overall conditioning.

· How the actual formation is determined and then signaled.