Technology is revolutionizing sports training by live-tracking performances, perfecting athletic movements, enhancing communication, optimizing work time, and virtually eliminating injuries. But the technology is only as good as its user. And without proper training, it can become more of a hindrance than a help. These sessions are designed to help athletic coaches and trainers become more comfortable operating in the digital age.

Athletic Program Promotion

Building a Brand: Promoting Your Athletic Program for Long-Term Success

From high school to Division I, athletic programs across the country are competing for fan attention in a sea of advertising and promotions. How do you stand out?

Join us as Matthew Glick (CEO of Gipper) and Jared Hunt (Athletic Director at Academy ISD) discuss how to create a unique brand identity that sets you apart from the pack. Learn how you can leverage modern day promotional tactics to increase engagement with your fanbase.

By implementing the techniques you will learn, you can build a strong brand that resonates with your audience and drives sustainable success on and off the field. Join the conversation!


Athletic Development & Performance 

Augmenting the Coach: Volt Athletics’ Innovative Approach to Team Performance for Groups of Any Size.

Join Sarah Ray from Volt Athletics  as they dive into the powerful AI technology and organizational tools that their coaches use to create individualized training plans at scale.
Sarah has over a decade of experience coaching and managing programs within performance athletics, corporate wellness and population health From NFL Combine training camps to postpartum programs. Her expertise in strength training paired with behavior change knowledge has helped clients of all types accomplish their goals. As Head of Business Development at Volt, Sarah is responsible for supporting program design and implementation in new and existing markets.
Certifications: TSAC-F, USAW, CCFT, XPS, FMS, CMES
Education: BSc: Health Education & Health Promotion; Human Nutrition


Athletic Mindset Impacts Mental Health

Coach & A.D. Managing Editor Wesley Sykes sits down with Casey Cittadino from Athletic Mindset, Mindy McCord, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at the University of South Florida and Liz Beville, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Le Moyne College to discuss  how Athletic Mindset Impacts Mental Health.  Athletes who have strong mental performance see better results.  Athletic Mindset’s strategy and development system are designed to equip athletes and teams with new ways of thinking and controlling their mental performance. Implement the new mental strategies and reach peak performance.  AD’s & Coaches can finally have the Data, Measurables, and Money.