Current Coach and Athletic Director issue

January 2020


• 2020 State of the Industry: Our 9th annual survey of high school athletic directors

• Taking the reins: An interview with Valdosta State football coach Gary Goff

• Concepts in football equipment operations

• Award honors sports leaders for school spirit

• Equipment management for football teams


• Between the Lines: Fighting specialization on all fronts

• A.D.ministration: Considering community coaches for your program

• Powerline: Health and safety in player conditioning

• Facility Focus: Purdue’s football performance complex

• Product Marketplace

Past Coach and Athletic Director issues

November/December 2019


• NFHS takeaways: What we learned from the national participation survey

Quality of movement: Strength coaches placing greater emphasis on mobility

• Lessons learned in adding a new sport to the athletic program

‘Coach your own way:’ A look back at Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant’s Coach & A.D. article

• Basketball: Developing a winning practice strategy

• Varsity Brands, Coach & A.D. announce partnership

Compete-Learn-Honor: A unique approach to mental, emotional training


• Between the Lines: Embrace feedback from all who offer it

• Product Marketplace

September/October 2019


• Innovations in Athletics: Our picks for 2019’s best products

• Swiss Army Athletes: Encouraging greater participation among athletes

• Fun & Games: Schools nationwide embrace competitive gaming

• Taking on Tech: Implementing new devices and software into programs

• Basketball: The 55-minute shooting workout

• Handling turnover in the coaching ranks

Creating Chemistry: A deliberate plan to improve culture

• The value of sports camps


Between the Lines: Full-time ATs can no longer be optional

• A.D.ministration: Launching a coach feeder program

• Powerline: Strength training for youth athletes

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Transforming athletics through strength initiatives

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Leading the way with a positive culture

• Product Marketplace

July/August 2019


• Critical points for heat acclimatization: 5 things all coaches should know

• 40 Under 40: Introducing the Class of 2019

• Football: A picture of success — Using visual management in coaching

• Keeping it clean: Tips for creating a sanitary environment

• Strength done right: Building a strength program with the right coach

• Collierville High School builds new facilities


• Between the Lines: Consider creating a sports safety symposium

• A.D.ministration: Hiring community coaches for high school jobs

• Powerline: Progressive overload revisited

• Product Marketplace

June 2019


• The 2019 Coaches Report: Examining the challenges and opportunities for high school coaches nationwide

• Bridging the divide: Helping coaches develop positive relationships with referees

• Safety in numbers: How to keep training safe and efficient with large groups of athletes

• Track & Field: Focusing on warm-ups and warm-downs

• Basketball: Organizing a youth summer camp

• Practical strategies to train leadership

Helping athletes find their voice

• Strengthening the academic bridge through athletics


• Between the Lines: Reconsider tackling in youth football

• A.D.ministration: Management vs. leadership

• Powerline: Conducting a year-end evaluation

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Shining a light on mental health in schools

• Product Marketplace

April/May 2019


• Border Battles: Facility projects can stall over disputes between schools and neighbors

• South Carolina school district transforms four stadiums

• Facility Snapshots: A round of six athletic projects around the country, and the lessons learned by those in charge

• Basketball: Six drills to improve offensive rebounding

Running for Punishment: Why coaches should quit using conditioning as a negative experience

• Timeout! Coaches must help stem referee abuse


• Between the Lines: Don’t neglect concussion education in your school

• A.D.ministration: Supporting and protecting your coaches

• Powerline: Reflections and lessons from over four decades of coaching

• Winning Edge: The five phases of a coach’s philosophy

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: The value of professional development

• Product Marketplace

March 2019

February 2019


‘Thank You’ — Showing appreciation to all athletes is a critical part of team building

• Baseball/Softball: Turning the double play

• Soccer: Sharpening your skills with two practice drills

The role of sleep in athletic performance

Leveling the playing field: Getting females to embrace strength training

• Care for the mind: Help for programs without a sports psychologist

• Basketball: Developing your post players


• Between the Lines: Remembering our roots as ‘Scholastic Coach’

• A.D.ministration: Marketing your program

Powerline: Why all athletes must strengthen the neck

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Staying positive in tumultuous times

• Product Marketplace

January 2019


• Unstoppable offense: Former West Virginia football coach Dana Holgorsen offers insight on coaching and how to relentlessly attack opponents

• 2019 State of the Industry: Coach & Athletic Director’s eighth annual survey of high school athletic directors

• A faster 40-yard dash: Workouts to help coaches build greater speed


• Between the Lines: When programs are eliminated, opportunity knocks

• A.D.ministration: Alleviating concerns over football safety

• Powerline: Understanding strength and conditioning research design

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Reviving the athletic booster club

• Product Marketplace

2019 Tech Guide

Technology to take you forward

Leveraging technology to become a better coach

Technology and athletic administrators

Building bigger scoreboards

Rolling with the changes

Creating social media guidelines for your program

PLUS Q&A’s with:

  • Dr. Dish
  • Sports Attack
  • FastModel Sports
  • Formetco
  • FundMyTeam
  • Drymax
  • USA Football
  • Hudl
  • TeamBuildr

November/December 2018


• Basketball: Making the most of in-season training programs

Fighting for a Future: How the Lakewood (N.J.) High School football program was rescued from a budgetary crisis

• Properly Using your Facilities: How poor management and oversight can lead to lawsuits and injuries

• Mind Games: How football players and coaches can sharpen their minds by ‘unfocusing’

Growth by growing up: A lesson in exercising patience with your athletes

• Pulse of the program: A proven system for evaluating team performance and chemistry

• Taking the temperature of culture in athletics


• Between the Lines: A new era in event security

• A.D.ministration: The evolving athletic director position

• Powerline: Training yourself — coaches must look out for No. 1

• Winning Edge: Confronting the culture of entitlement

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: Rejuvenating the atmosphere at your athletic events

• Product Marketplace

September/October 2018


• Leaders in Innovation: A look at the year’s top products for coaches and athletic administrators

• More Bang for your Buck: Fundraisers that produce maximum returns with minimum investment

• 10 characteristics of great athletic directors

• Developing as an assistant coach: Eight strategies for working and thriving under the head coach


• Between the Lines: Create consequences for parents’ actions

• A.D.ministration: Underpaid and underappreciated athletic directors

• Powerline: Fundamentals for a successful strength program

• 40 Under 40 Perspectives: The importance of retaining quality officials

• Sports Medicine Spotlight: Injury prevention and strength building in football

• Product Marketplace


July/August 2018


How VICIS created the top-rated football helmet

Adapting to the Climate: How heat acclimation guidelines have made a difference in schools nationwide

Introducing the Sports 40 Under 40: We recognize the next generation of leaders

Fixing Your Football Team: 15 common errors made by losing programs

TLC for the Locker Room: Policy standards to combat MRSA, viruses in schools

Doubt is Cancer: Mental keys to high achievement and athletic improvement

A Coach’s Influence: Taking advantage of undistracted time with student-athletes

Losing With Dignity: A lesson in leadership to help coaches guide their players


Between the Lines: Supporting the next generation

A.D.Ministration: The key to tackling the parent problem

Powerline: Nutritional tips for training and recovery

Winning Edge: 7 secrets of successful coaches

Product Marketplace

June 2018


Between the Lines: Dear ADs, show appreciation to coaches

A.D.Ministration: The athletic director’s path to certification

Powerline: PEDs in sports, the ongoing fight

Winning Edge: Permission to lead

Sports Medicine Spotlight: When it matter’s most

Product Marketplace


Nine coaching strategies to turnaround a failing program

The 2018 Coaches Report: A close look at the greatest issues and concerns of high school coaches

No Experience, No Problem: Coaches can make an impact regardless of sports knowledge

Product Education Section

Basketball: The 55-minute shooting workout

Coaching Your Parents: Fostering better relationships and avoiding problems

Five strategies to help small schools succeed against bigger programs

‘Clarity of Purpose’: Urban Meyer’s philosophy of understanding can help teams move forward

April/May 2018


Between the Lines: Relationships can launch your career

A.D.Ministration: Coach certification vital to schools

Powerline: Script variations for total body workouts

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Strength program design and exercise progression


Wellness center shapes ‘complete athletes’

Wisdom of the crowd

Basketball: Becoming defensive-minded

A roadmap to recovery

Sideline essentials

Previewing the NHSACA convention

Specialization in Sports: Risks, benefits and how coaches can guide athletes

March 2018

A comprehensive listing of products and innovations for athletic programs at all levels. What’s inside:

  • Product Directory
  • Product Marketplace

View the 2018 Buyers’ Guide››

February 2018


Between the Lines: What makes good coaches great?

A.D.Ministration: Building the dream team

Powerline: Staples in strength training

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Eating right during the offseason

Product Marketplace


Where’s Your Strength Coach?

The Role of Assistant Coaches

Baseball/Softball: Setting the Infield Defense

Baseball/Softball: ‘Hubba Dubba’ Infield Drill

Competitive Soccer Drills from a State Champion Coach

Basketball: The Daily Practice Plan

January 2018


2018 State of the Industry: Inside Coach & AD’s seventh annual high school sports survey

The Master Swordsman: Washington State’s Mike Leach discusses the challenges and joys of coaching

Cultivating a Team Identity: How a coach’s philosophy shapes the program and players

9 Effective Teaching Methods for Coaches

Football: Defensive drills to teach leverage, build confidence

7 Strategies to a long-term coaching career

Views from the Stripes: Lessons learned from coaching and refereeing

Western Michigan unveils new locker room


Between the Lines: Accepting responsibility for your staff

A.D.ministration: The preseason parents meeting

Powerline: Reminders for the winter training program

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Psychologically healing injured athletes

November/December 2017


Building Bridges: How coach Ben Jones successfully led Mississippi’s first integrated high school football team

Committed to Excellence: Minnesota high school dedicated to athletes on and off the playing surfaces

Fundraising for the Dream Weight Room: Ohio school bolsters training facility using no tax dollars

Continuing Education Section

A look at 2017 NFHS Participation Survey


Between the Lines: Lend a hand to youth sports leagues

A.D.Ministration: Help for coaches on the job hunt

Powerline: Returning to action after a layoff

Winning Edge: How captains, coaches shape team culture

Sports Medicine Spotlight: A look at the Functional Movement Screen

July/August 2017


Attacking with the onside kick: Why more football coaches should reconsider their special teams approach

Volleyball: Creating competitive game-like drills

The AD’s summer checklist: Eight things you can’t forget before the fall sports season

Continuing Education Section

The Principal-AD relationship: Communication and collaboration aids athletic programs

The clutch gene: Can athletes be taught to perform under pressure?


Between the Lines: Fight the good fight against parents

A.D.Ministration: Honoring your coaches and athletes

Powerline: A tribute to the strength of coaches

USA Football kicks off rookie tackle pilot program {Sponsored}

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Five summer tips for athletes

Product Marketplace

June 2017


Eight-man football: Participation decline sparks interest in nontraditional game

Sports product education section

Basketball — Power Rebounding: Philosophy and drills to improve players at the boards

Rebounding from ACL injuries: What athletes, coaches can expect on the road to recovery

Baseball/softball — Coaching your outfielders: Repetition leads to improved decision making during games


Between the Lines: Never underestimate the value of character

A.D.Ministration: Fundraising in small communities

Powerline: Training the posterior chain

Winning Edge: Six reasons why programs slip and stumble

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Our tests to assess mobility and weaknesses

Product Marketplace

April/May 2017


Between the Lines: Team captains must not be normal

A.D.Ministration: Developing and sustaining quality coaches

Powerline: Five training tips all coaches must know | Six nutritional tips

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Is foot pronation as bad as it seems?


Pulaski’s Field of Dreams: Wisconsin school district overcomes obstacles to begin on long-awaited facilities project.

A Bright Future: LED lights can save money, provide better coverage for stadiums

Kansas builds first-class locker room

The Winning Formula: Identifying player strengths, weaknesses critical to program’s success

Athletic Facilities and the Environment: How a ‘green’ approach can be more efficient and effective

Multisport Participation Matters

March 2017

2017 Buyers’ Guide: Get the information you need about the companies that distribute any product you’ll ever want for your program.

February 2017


A new era of coaching — Examining non-traditional approaches to strength development

Four critical vitamins and minerals

Louder than words — Why visual demonstrations, body language matter to athletes

Unbreakable defense — How one Pennsylvania prep soccer team earned 17 shutouts in a single season


Between the Lines: Use caution with concussion statistics

A.D.Ministration: The work-life balancing act

Powerline: Evaluation and assessment for the new year | Tips from the trenches

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Exercises to prevent baseball injuries

January 2017


2017 State of the Industry: A look inside our sixth annual survey of high school athletic directors

Track & Field: Getting more from warm-ups

Running Wild: Auburn RB coach Tim Horton discusses the evolutions of one of football’s top positions

Here to Stay: Boise State’s Bryan Harsin discusses his career and leading one of football most consistent programs

Staying on Top of Facility Maintenance


Between the Lines: Overbearing parents scare off recruiters

A.D.Ministration: Parental interference in coaching

Powerline: Female strength training

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Reducing the risk of football injuries

USA Football: Education at USA Football national conference

November/December 2016


The Kennedy Connection: An inside look at Iowa’s top high school | Coaches speak

Reactions to National Anthem protests

NFHS survey: Football’s decline slowing

Watch and learn

Continuing education

Insidious leadership and cowardly followership

Sport safety redux

A look at the USA Football National Conference


Between the Lines: The old leading the new

A.D.Ministration: The hijacked booster club

Powerline: Developing size, strength in young athletes

Winning Edge: Six qualities of the world’s best captains

On the Forefront: Q&A with Arnie Miehe

Sports Medicine Spotlight: Rest and recovery

Special Renovation Section: Blending past with present

September/October 2016


Sports Innovations — 10 innovative products that are leaving their mark

A Step Forward in Stadium Lighting

Leadership Lessons from Serena Williams

12 Things it Takes to Win Championships

Limited-Contact Rules Making a Difference with Concussions

Playing & Practicing — Why athletes can’t have one without the other


Between the Lines: Do we need replay in prep sports?

A.D.Ministration: Maxims for athletic directors to live by

Powerline: The art of strength coaching

Sports Medicine Spotlight: The dangers of early sport specialization

Special Renovation Section: Libertyville baseball field gets fresh look

July/August 2016


Same job, different boss — How to adapt under a new administrator
The case for cuts — How cutting kids from teams has long-term benefits
Building strength — Seven essentials to creating a high school strength program
The communications game — How athletic directors can distribute information and gain program support
More school districts embracing Heads Up Football


Between the Lines — Teach athletes to handle adversity
A.D.Ministration — Help for overwhelmed athletic directors
Powerline — Using caution in the summer heat
Sports Medicine Spotlight — Platelet-rich plasma in sports
Special Renovation Section — Windscreens spruce up WVU facilities

June 2016


Team Sports Conference & Expo preview
Starting from scratch — New Texas high school building an athletic program from the ground up
The winning formula
Pressure packed volleyball drills
Improve communications with versatile sound system support
Lead ’em Up teaches leadership, character
Heads Up Football offers education for prep coaches


Between the Lines — Introducing the Team Sports Conference & Expo
A.D.Ministration — Getting and using feedback from coaches
Powerline — Preparation for summer strength training
Winning Edge — Your best player as your leader
Special Renovation Section — Banners give old facilities a fresh look

April/May 2016


University of South Dakota building big league facilities
Calm in the clutch — Lessons learned from the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 NCF Championship game
Top 10 reasons to attend the Team Sports Conference & Expo
‘Fanorak’ promotes fan attendance
Facility partnerships — More schools seeking support to lower costs, upgrade stadiums
Laying new ground — Gardner-Webb University outfits stadiums with artificial turf
Improving student-athlete supervision — Facilities must accommodate observation by coaches and teachers


Between the Lines — Keep spectators from crossing the line
A.D.Ministration — Combating clubs and specialization
PowerlineConfronting challenges of today’s strength coaches
Winning Edge — Five reasons your leaders struggle
Sports Medicine Spotlight — HGH use in sports
Nutritional Value — The buzz kill on energy drinks
Special Renovation Section — Banners give old facilities a fresh look

March 2016

2016 Buyers’ Guide: Get the information you need about the companies that distribute any product you’ll ever want for your program.

February 2016


Battling overuse ailments in swimming
The little things — Why coaches must get players to appreciate all aspects of their sport
Weight room flooring — What athletic directors and coaches need to know


Between the Lines — Schools must be careful overworking ADs
A.D.Ministration — Making a home-run hire
Powerline — Training the lower body
Sports Medicine Spotlight — Mono in athletes
Nutritional ValueWin with nature’s superfoods
Special Renovation Section — Texas State upgrades tennis courts

January 2016


Developing coachable players
The reality of MRSA — How properly disinfecting laundry can keeps athletes safe
2016 State of the Industry — Interscholastic athletic director survey offers glimpse into the condition of prep sports
Something to prove — How Utah became the new Pac-12 threat
The quarterback club — How Capital QB Academy is improving Wisconsin’s signal callers


Between the Lines — Issue of football safety won’t go away
A.D.Ministration — Combating pay for play
Powerline — Off the beaten path
Winning EdgeUnderstanding the importance of trust
Sports Medicine Spotlight — Examining the benefits of barefoot running
Nutritional Value — High-protein diets
Special Renovation Section — Rebranding College of the Holy Cross

November/ December 2015


Alone at the Top — Hinsdale Central’s eight state championships is a feat that may never be matched by another Illinois school
Field Management Recordkeeping — Tips to keep your grass surfaces in top shape
Debating home-schooler Participation — More states opening their doors to high school athletic programs
Prep Sports Hits 7.8 Million Athletes — Five takeaways from the latest NFHS participation
Athletic Directors must Embrace Technology — Today’s technology can help athletic directors and coaches do everything from stream gams to record statistics


Between the Lines — Coaches must preach respect to referees
A.D.Ministration — Preparing an emergency plan
Powerline — Managing daily priorities of  strength program
Winning Edge — Creating a pipeline of team leaders
Sports Medicine — The science of massage treatments
Special Renovation Section — Banners ‘modernize’ Broken Arrow

September/October 2015

Industry Innovations — Featuring nine up-and-coming products every coach must see
Lessons on Leadership — Vision, purpose and values are crucial to athletic programs
Weathering the Storm — Maintaining perspective and positivity during a 17-game losing streak
The Rise of LacrosseOhio joining others in sanctioning one of the fastest growing sports
A Season in the Stands — Observations after taking a year off from coaching basketball
Between the Lines — In support of education first
A.D.MinistrationImproving your LinkedIn presence
Powerline — Supporting your in-season strength program
Winning Edge — Strengthening the coach-captain relationship
Sports Medicine SpotlightUnderstanding and preventing football injuries
Nutritional Value — Beware of junk science
Special Renovation Section — Texas school dresses up facilities for students and athletes

July/August 2015

Continuing Education special advertorial section — Featuring sports programs at the collegiate level
Making your secondary primary — The imperatives of secondary play are beneficial to mane and zone concepts
The need for speed — How defenses should prepare to face football’s new face-paced offenses
Running up the score — Schools can afford impressive stadium displays if they get creative
The seven signs of a struggling coach — How to recognize if a coach in your program may be having trouble with their responsibilities
Team stores aiding athletic programs — Some companies are finding ways to streamline the process of ordering ream apparel
Building a character development program — How Broken Arrow High School is recognizing its student-athletes
Overcoming the wall — 10 strategies to help coaches and athletes defeat adversity
Keeping facilities sanitary —  Six tips to keep your athletic facility sanitary
Between the Lines — Inspirational speeches serve a greater purpose
On the ForefrontQ&A with Patti Phillips, chief executive officer for the NACWAA
A.D.Ministration — The visible athletic director
Powerline — Strength and conditioning checklist for success
Winning Edge — Guidelines for effective postgame talks
Sports Medicine Spotlight — Understanding baseball injuries
Nutritional Value — Fishing for nutritious meals
Special Renovation SectionFlorida schools aesthetically improve facilities

May/June 2015

Conditioning for volleyball players — Coaches should first build a base of general conditioning before transitioning to cutting and shifting movements used in the sport
A plan to improve player performance — Drills, exercises to help athletes across multiple sports
Fighting for change — Advocates presenting the case for putting athletic trainers in every school
The risks of overhydrating — Summer heat poses many risks for young athletes
Soft-tissue therapy for athletes — Soft-tissue therapy is becoming more popular for athletes in all sports to avoid injury
Improving safety in athletes — High schools showing greater commitment to sports medicine
12 attributes of elite point guards — If you asked coaches what they want most in a point guard, you would get many different answers
Replacing quality coaches — Six valuable tips for identifying and landing qualified coaches
Between the Lines — Don’t be afraid of safety
On the Forefront — Head football athletic trainer at the University of Kansas
A.D.Ministration — Investing in professional development
Powerline — Establishing standards and leadership
Winning Edge — Five ways standards define and differentiate your program
Sports Medicine Spotlight — The science of altitude training
Nutritional Value — Relative energy deficiency in sports
Special Renovation Section — Graphics honor past, present athletes at Northwestern Oklahoma

April 2015

Grant helps Washington school install turf — Less than one year ago Arlington High School (Washington) became one of the region’s last schools to switch to turf
Illinois school renovates aging gymnasium — All playing surfaces have their breaking point, and last year the gymnasium at Williamsville High School (Illinois) finally reached its own
Stronger than ever — Texas school’s weight room making tremendous impact
Western Michigan upgrades locker room — New facility improves cleanliness, functionality
CSCCa set for annual conference — More than 1,400 conference attendees are expected at this year’s national conference, which features more than 200 exhibitor booths
A twist on summer camp — F.A.S.T helps build athletes and leaders in your school
The trend of stadium sponsorships — Why new revenue streams must be a priority for athletic programs
Communication breakdown — Why coaches must teach as if they are speaking a different language
Between the Line — Reining in unruly spectators
On the Forefront — Q&A with Cliff Hill, NHSACA’s 2014 Athletic Director of the Year
A.D.Ministration — Promoting ethics in high school sports
Powerline — A Spartan approach to progressive overload
Winning Edge — The five leaders every team needs
Sports Medicine Spotlight — The importance of athletic trainers
Nutritional Value — A continued look at vitamins, minerals
Special Renovation Section — Mural part of Towson University rebranding

March 2015

2015 Buyers’ Guide: Get the information you need about the companies that distribute any product you’ll ever want for your program.

February 2015

Placing an emphasis on baserunning abilities — Mike Roberts, former coach at the University of North Carolina, offers tips to coaches to help make baserunning a priority in their programs
Maximizing your weight room — How schools are turning to multi-use equipment to get the best workout
Fitness made easier with new technology — Intuitive devices are giving teams an edge in developing the individual attributes of their players
34th annual IHRSA convention set for March — The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s annual convention and trade show will be held in March in Los Angeles
Dry land programs for swimmers — How coaches can make athletes better outside the pool
Protecting your athletes — How the right brace helps to avoid debilitating injuries
Energetic soccer conditioning drills — Conditioning drills are critical in sports like soccer that require constant movement
Between the Lines — Keeping athletes safe from harm
On the Forefront — Q&A with Danielle Donehow, executive director, Women’s Basketball Coaches Association
A.D.MinistrationHazing is still a problem
PowerlineEstablishing power points in offseason programs
Winning EdgeMotivating with the missile analogy
Sports Medicine SpotlightUpdates on sports concussions
Nutritional Value — The value of vitamins and minerals for athletes
Special Renovation Section — Libertyville baseball field gets fresh look


January 2015

Purple & Gold Standard — Ruffin McNeill discusses East Carolina’s success and why nothing’s better than coaching football
Constructing Camas football — After years of mediocrity, the Pacemakers have become one of Washington’s best programs
From the ground up — How one Florida school brought football to campus with the help of its basketball team
Coaching football at small schools — Tips for efficient planning and practicing
Coaching your jumpers — Eight competitive tips to keep your athletes fully prepared
Communication solutions for coaches — High schools beginning to use devices prominent at college levels
State of the Industry — What can we learn from the 2014-15 athletic director survey
Between the Lines — Finding the good amidst the bad
On the Forefront — Q&A with leaders in the team sports industry
A.D.Ministration — The importance of supervision
Powerline — Addressing agility and skill specificity year-round
Winning Edge — Six strategies to breakthrough to elite status
Sports Medicine Spotlight — The science of hydration
Nutritional Value — Eating for pleasure and performance
Special Renovation Section — Perfecting MEAC tournament all about details

November/December 2014

Leading by Example – Northern Burlington High School Named 2014 Program of Excellence honoree

Special Renovation Section – Graphics showcase athletic history at Northwestern Oklahoma State

Compiling the perfect resume – Tips to help high school athletes catch a recruiter’s attention

Climbing the career ladder – Degrees in sports administration, coaching becoming more popular

Strength in Numbers – Latest prep sports participation survey has promising results for high schools

Keeping your coaches – Ideas to prevent key personnel from fleeing to another school

Between the Lines –  Need for athletic trainers must be addressed

Your Voice – Is your program equipped to protect athletes?

A.D. Ministration – Athletic directors must lead departments during transitions

Powerline – Tackling 2014s biggest strength training questions

Winning Edge – Relate and require is key to effective leadership

Sports Medicine Spotlight – The phenomenon of depression in athletes

Nutritional Value – How calories, protein and sleep help athletes get stronger





October 2014

Cutting the cord – Eighteen apps and software programs guaranteed to help coaches on the go

Purchasing communication devices – Five things to consider when buying new equipment

Confronting specialization – Why more athletes are choosing one sport, and what you can do to stop it

Strong feeder systems bring long-term success – The groundwork coaches lay for their squads in lower grades could have a big impact on their success for years to come

Maintaining perspective as an ambitious coach – Leaders must remember to not take team failures personally

Creating an Athletics Hall of Fame – Five steps to recognize your most outstanding student-athletes and coaches

Between the Lines: Tragedy reminds us the team is family

A.D. Ministration – 10 ideas to provide athletic directors more protection

Powerline – The positive effects of negative training

Winning Edge – Improving Communication Among Athletes

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Stress fractures are preventable catastrophes

Nutritional Value – Tips for eating responsibly away from home

Special Renovation Section – Graphics dress up Ohio University arena




September 2014

Keeping up with Carmel – How the Greyhounds are using more than championships to distinguish themselves from the rest

Athletic director building on the Carmel tradition

Running Carmel’s football program no easy task

Feeder system supports soccer team

Dual roles no issue for tennis coach

Swim program sets the Carmel standard

Leadership, loyalty leads softball program

Cross country program stands among the state’s elite

Basketball coach builds culture of  unselfishness

Between the lines – Winners don’t talk about winning

A.D. Ministration – Surviving and thriving with committee work

Powerline – Why strength training is important for all athletes

Winning edge – Techniques to get your athletes talking

Sports Medicine Spotlight – The Value of Core Stability

Nutritional Value – Making Breakfast a Priority

Special Renovation Section – Fence graphics spruce up Babson athletic fields

July/August 2014

Sublimation The Future of Apparel – Durable jerseys provide schools an opportunity to save money

Special Rennovation Section – Recruiting Made Easier With New Soccer Field

Finding the Right Fit – A comfortable shoe makes a world of difference for student-athletes

The Man in the Middle – Auburn’s Dana Marquez and equipment managers everywhere are key to an athletic departments success

Maximizing Your Booster Club’s Effectiveness – How leadership and structure can help take your program forward

Retaining Successful Coaches – How athletic directors can encourage leaders to stick around

New Requirements Forcing Strength Coaches to get Certified – Beginning next year, strength coaches will need to have the appropriate certification in order to keep their jobs

Practice With a Purpose – Challenge players to create a competitive atmosphere outside of games

Setting up Athletes for Failure – Four ways coaches hinder success, and how they can turn it around

Building Program Pride Using Twitter – Twitter is the ultimate tool to let everyone know about your program’s great accomplishments in a matter of seconds

Between the Lines – Micromanagement not always a bad thing

Your Voice – Is cursing an issue in your athletic program?

A.D. Ministration – Planning strategies for athletic administrators

Powerline – Prioritizing and Enhancing Summer Conditioning Components

Winning Edge – 10 Ways to Train Your Athletes to Trust

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Looking out for Young Athletes

Nutritional Value – Five Hydration Mistakes and How to Correct Them


May/June 2014

Powerline: Strength and Conditioning – Mentoring, motivating and developing leadership in the weight room

Special Rennovation Section – New Stadium Brings Pride to Jesuit High School

Gaining an Edge Through Mental Training – Goal setting and imagery gets athletes in the right state of mind

A Lesson in Team Unity – What Coaches can Learn From the 2013 Boston Red Sox

Guide to Hiring a Strength and Conditioning Coach – How Athletic Administrators Can Find The Right Person for The Job

Taking Charge of Your Strength Program – Seven Concepts of Effective Training Protocols

Beat the Summer Heat – Acclimatization the Best Way to Keep Athletes Safe During Intense Outdoor Activities

In Support of Parent & Athlete Feedback – Modern day coaches could benefit from open discussions

‘Targeting’ Rule Comes to High School Football – The NFHS approved a new rule penalizing players for ‘targeting’ opponents with hits above the shoulders

Training With a Passion – Renowned trainer Ganon Baker developing the nation’s top athletes

The Four Pillars of Leadership – Motivation, communication, peer modeling and team cohesion create strong captions

A Blue Chip Program Without Blue Chip Players – Nine tips for building a team destined for long term success

A Plan for Expansion – Breaking large projects into smaller chunks eases the pain on athletic budgets

Between the Lines – Athletic directors must be prepared for scrutiny

Your Voice – Is illegal recruiting a problem in high school sports?

A.D. Ministration – Facing additional responsibilities and time constraints

Winning Edge – The 10 plagues of a problematic program

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Methods for Minimizing Athlete Injuries

Nutritional Value – Fueling Athletes for Game Day

March/April 2014

Reviving Irvinton – Construction of high school track and football field breathes new life into New Jersey town

Special Rennovation Section – Big graphics add spirit to Texas school’s athletic wing

Gulf Coast Schools Turn to Turf – Harrison county (Miss) cuts costs, fights flooding with two new playing fields

Eight Steps to a Successful Facilities Project – Planning is just one element in an exhausting process

Are Your Locker Rooms Safe? – Despite your best efforts, bacteria may be rampant throughout your athletic facilities

Becoming a Visible Leader – Whether it’s at games or community events, athletic directors must show their support

Eight Tips For Coaching Girls at all Levels

Between The Lines – Coaches deserve benefit of the doubt in blowout games

From the Bench – It’s about the kids, dummy

Letters – It’s time to cut insensitive team nicknames

Your Voice – Are coaches responsible for backing off in blowout games?

A.D. Ministration – Negotiations and the Athletic Director

Powerline – Understanding the Machinery and Mechanisms of Speed Improvement

Winning Edge –Preparing Top Teams for the Postseason

Sports Medicine Spotlight – The Relationship of Reaction Time to Injury Susceptibility

Nutritional Value – Get athletes the calcium they need


February 2014

Product Directory – Get the info you need about the companies that distribute any product you’ll ever want for your program

Supplier Directory – An alphabetical directory of all suppliers and manufacturers that are the preeminent companies in the team-sports market

Brand Directory – Know a brand name but not the company? Turn here for answers

Rebuilding a Damaged Culture – How a Santa Monica college coach repaired a broken football team and brought it back to relevancy

Develop a Social Media Policy For Student-Athletes – Strict guidelines will help protect athletes from making embarrassing mistakes on the internet

Special Rennovation Section – Upgrades help California school with branding

Between the Lines – Professional development crucial to athletic staffs

January 2014

Blue Heaven – There are 125 football programs that compete at college’s highest level, but to Brady Hoke there is nothing better than coaching at the University of Michigan

Safety Precautions to Protect Student-Athletes – Concussion awareness is paramount for team leaders

Winning the Fight Against Traumatic Head Injuries – Coaches can take a variety of simple steps to reduce concussions on their team

Special Renovation Section – Gulliver Prep renovation evokes pride in athletes

State of the Industry – 2013-2014 High school athletic director survey

Between the Lines – It’s time to cut insensitive team nicknames

Letters – NFL bullying raises questions about locker room culture

Your Voice – Should athletic programs continue to use Native American nicknames

A.D. Ministration – The A.D. as the Public Relations Practitioner

Powerline – Five New Years Resolutions for Your Strength and Conditioning Program

Winning Edge – Understanding the eight kinds of team cultures

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Minimizing the Risk for Back Injuries in the Weight Room

Nutritional Value – Properly fueling the body before exercise

November/December 2013

University School of Milwaukee – Milwaukee school sets high marks for academic, athletic excellence

Tappan Zee High School – Tappan Zee coaches developing character in student-athletes

Upland Christian Academy

Pope John Paul II Catholic High School

Los Alamos High School

Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake High School

Between the Lines – Take time to learn from the best

Letters – High school PED testing a solution without a problem

Discovering New Heights – Improving jumpers requires more than strength

Improving Athletic Movements – Give players a competitive advantage

Preparing For the New Season – Student-athletes and coaches need a balance of work and rest

October 2013

The Right Way to Train – Coaches not using a sports-specific regimen to prepare  athletes are taking may risks

The 21st Century Coach – From video software to team analytics , new innovations are changing the face of high school sports

Improving How Coaches Communicate – Football programs have a variety of options when interacting with one another

8 Tips for Building Positive Relationships With Parents 

Between the Lines – High school drug testing

Letters – Government intervention in sports is necessary

Your Voice – Should high schools test athletes for performance enhancing drugs?

A.D. Ministration – 16 lessons for guiding non-teacher coaches

Powerline – Maintaining a productive in-season strength program

Winning Edge – The plateauing program

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Headaches are not just concussions

Nutritional Value – Eat well to stay well

Marketplace – Check out the latest innovation in the market

September 2013

Rising to the top – An inside look at how one Michigan high school found the fast track to success

Keeping Rockford’s Winning Tradition Alive 

Maintaining a Winning Culture

Dedicated Baseball Coaches Make Year-Round Commitment

Taking A Successful Program in a New Direction

Coaching Volleyball is a Family Affair

Coaching  a New Sport Begins With Fundamentals

Grassroots Efforts Help Maintain Wrestling Numbers

Following in the Footsteps of a Legend

Unique Sport Looks to Grow Participation

Feeder Program Sustains Lacrosse for the Long Term

Thriving as a Two-Team Coach

Between the Lines – New ownership brings excitement to coach and athletic director

MarketPlace – Check out the latest innovations in the market

July/August 2013

The Finishing Touch – Adding new coats to your gym floor gives it a pristine look, but other maintenance may help protect students and save school thousands

Mastering the Game Day Gauntlet – From volunteers to crisis management, athletic directors must develop a strategy

6 Keys to a Successful Coaching Career – Aspiring young professionals must network and seek hands-on training

Between the LinesGovernment Intervention in Sports is Necessary

Letters – Athletic directors and title ix

Your Voice – Readers react to legislation safeguarding coaches from parents

A.D. Ministration – 11 tips for conducting effective, efficient meetings

Powerline – Developing a strong and powerful base

Winning Edge – 10 steps to resuscitate and resurrect a problematic program

Q&A – What legal issues concern athletic directors most?

Sports Medicine Spotlight – A ‘sick’ scapula part II addressing the issue

Nutritional Value – Focusing on the body composition of athletes

Product Spotlight – Nutrition injury protection

May/June 2013

Bracing for the Future – Fayettville High School in Arkansas improves facilities in preparation for influx of students, sports teams

A Community In Need – Shiloh Christian School in North Dakota lends a hand with new athletic facilities

Reconstructing Athletic Facilities – A look at capital improvement projects taking place around the nation

7 Steps to Build Your Athletic Departments Brand – Coaches must actively engage with the community, fans and alumni

Protecting Your Athletic Department – From title IX to risk management, athletic directors must understand their obligations under the law

Between the Lines – Athletic Directors Can Learn From Rutgers’ Carelessness

Letters – Referee safety and baseline testing

A.D. Ministration – Providing help for athletic directors

Powerline – Perspectives on strength and conditioning: a multi-faceted position

Winning Edge – 8 keys to coaching todays millennia-generation athlete

Sports Medicine Spotlight – A ‘sick’ scapula: is that contagious?

Q&A – How do you recruit and retain volunteers to work at sporting events?

Your Voice – A survey on the Rutgers basketball video & Mike Rice

Nutritional Value – Sports dietitians are vital team players

Product Spotlight – Conditioning communication apparel


March/April 2013

Budget Balancing Act – Deep cuts in high school sports mean athletic directors must take new approaches to planning, fundraising, and revenue opportunities

Moving From Club to High School Coaching is Not an Easy Transition – The coach must understand the group dynamic with scholastic teams

Creative Fundraising Ideas For Your Program – Cutbacks mean teams must develop their own revenue streams similar to club sports

Avoid the ‘Perfect Storm’ Emergency – Even with an action plan in place, debrief after emergencies to strengthen your strategy

The 6 People You Need in an Emergency – Emergency Action require routine updating and practicing

Increase Athlete Participation By Reaching Out to the Student Body – 5 keys to encouraging non-athletes to take the jump into athletics

Between The Lines – It’s time baseline testing becomes mandatory

Letters – There is no good in a 105-point victory

A.D. Ministration – Strive for professionalism in all aspects of your job

Powerline – Create a conditioning culture in the offseason

The Winning Edge – 8 sure fire ways to transform a sports program

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Developing structure for the athletic trainer and team physician relationship

Nutritional Value – 5 more foods your athletes need to eat

Q&A – How do DUIs affect the status of your staff members

Product Spotlight – Turf & field maintenance, bleachers/banners/signs, baseball

February 2013

Product Directory – Get the info you need about the companies that distribute any products you’ll ever want for your program

Supplier Directory – An alphabetical directory of all suppliers and manufacturers that are the preeminent companies in the team-sports market

Brand Directory – Know a brand name and not the company? Turn here for the answers

Integrate Non-Faculty Coaches Into the School Setting – Create an atmosphere where off-campus coaches feel welcomed and a part of the scholastic community

Dealing With Misguided, Difficult Parents – Follow these eight steps for more productive parent encounters and prepare your coaches for their confrontations

Breaking Down the 8 Personalities of Parents – Understanding the many faces of parents is the first step to a positive relationship

Encourage Constant Communication With Parents – Keep parents in the loop early in the season to avoid late season issues

Editorial – Take control of debate over single-sport athletes

A.D. Ministration – 12 ways to make you a better communicator by phone

Powerline – Understanding performance enhancing drugs in sports in 2013

The Winning Edge – Teach your athletes to compete

Sports Medicine Spotlight – Reduce the risks of elbow injuries in spring-sport athletes

Nutritional Value – The food your athletes need to eat

Q&A – Promote multi-sport options to your athletes


January 2013

What You’re Missing When It Comes To Brain Injuries  – Protocols, safety issues and legal concerns are constantly changing in concussion management—get up to speed

Playing By The Rules – States say high schools and their coaches need to be more vigilant in preventing illegal transfers and recruiting

Starting A Program From Nothing, Going Undefeated 4 Years Later – Colorado State University-Pueblo football went from no helmets, pads, players or coaches in July 2007 to stringing together back-to-back undefeated regular seasons

How A Decrease In School Funding Is Affecting You – Reducing cost for transportation, apparel and lower-level coaching is how many atletic directors are handling this situation

Climbing The Athletics Administrator Ladder – Networking, taking charge and picking the best job all play critical roles in your success

The Austin Angle: Save Money By Partnering With Rival Schools
Letters: Running As Punishment; Ethics Of Leaked Report
A.D.Ministration: ‘No’ Isn’t A Bad Word
Powerline: Putting The Finishing Touches On Your Workouts
The Winning Edge: Your Captains Need To Do These 12 Things Today
Sports Medicine Spotlight: Implementing The 5-Stage Approach To Better Core Stability And Performance
Nutritional Value: Pay Attention To Your Vegetarian Athletes
Products: Check out the latest innovations in the market for… Indoor Flooring & Maintenance; Football Equipment; Injury Protection

November/December 2012

Blending Athletics With Education – Mary Institute and Country Day School (St. Louis, MO) embraces sports to help create the next generation of leaders

Fostering a Feeling of Connection – Vista Murietta High School (Murietta, CA) is home to more than 3,200 students and a staff working hard to connect every person to an extracurricular activity on campus

Guided by Support, Service and Education – The Overlake School (Redmond, Wash) boasts and 82 percent athlete participation rate

Uniting Coaches, Community and Athletes – St. Anthony Village High School (Minneapolis, Minn.) share the credit for creating one of the nation’s best sports departments

The Austin Angle – Shelters, seniors & Special Olympics