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Training Athletes According to 10 Principles for Game-Applicable Power

Boyd Epley (and assistant Mike Arthur) taught and established ten power principles to follow when creating a cornerstone strength and conditioning program. During his decorated career at the University of Nebraska, athletes trained in accordance with the effective principles. Now, millions of student-athletes around the world have trained in programs applying the ten principles that focus on building muscle and increasing power. Join Boyd Epley and a panelist of four experienced strength training professionals to hear how they’ve successfully adopted the principles and how your team can apply them for game-winning performance. This webinar is sponsored by Matrix Fitness and hosted by Training & Conditioning’s Wesley Sykes.

• Diane Banderas, Director of Sports Performance at The Xplosive Edge
• Greg Werner, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Women’s Basketball at Virginia Tech
• Kevin Coleman, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Football at University of Kansas
• Jamie Belt, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Boxing with current client Terrance Crawford

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Matrix Fitness

Facility Upgrades during COVID-19

Available on-demand. The American Sports Builders Association invites you to a panel discussion to review the trends in facility upgrades during the time of COVID-19 and recommendations on how to keep your facility running properly with potentially limited budgets. Additionally our panelists can answer any questions you might have about your current projects. This webinar is sponsored by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) and hosted by Coach & A.D.

Kristoff Eldridge (Track)
David Clapp (Tennis)
Kirk Grego (Fields)
Craig Honkomp (Design Professional)

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American Sports Builders Association