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Overcoming the Threat of Severe Weather to Student-Athletes, Staff and Visitors

Learn how to craft a severe weather safety policy to protect everyone at your outdoor games and practices. This webinar especially focuses on lightning, which is an issue all over the U.S. Hear about how one school’s severe weather plan works and why they went in that direction.

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Transform Your Program with Cutting-Edge Video Technology

Learn about how you can use the latest in video technologies to enhance your practices and games. This technology allows coaches to use real-time playback to create teachable moments, allows schools to increase their audience via live-streaming of games, and provides multi-angle views of your games and practices. Analytics help coaches give more dynamic feedback to players.

This webinar is lead by Erik Gormley of PlaySight. PlaySight was recently named (for the second year in a row) to Fast Company’s list of the most innovative companies in sports.

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Proactive Heat Stress Prevention for Athletics

Heat Stress Management allows coaches and sports medicine team to maximize safety and performance during outdoor exercise in the heat. When proper measures are not taken during extreme heat stress, it may result in catastrophic outcome.

This session, led by Yuri Hosokawa of the Korey Stringer Institute, discussed about physiology during exercise in the heat, common risk factors for exertional heat illness, and her work on developing regional-specific heat activity modification guidelines.

Join us for a discussion and learn more about how you can be proactive at your university or school, even in the early fall, when temperatures can be hazardously high. 

This webinar was moderated by Earth Networks.

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Game Plan for Severe Weather and Lightning

Protecting your athletes and spectators is your #1 job, made no easier by the threat of severe weather — especially lightning. Join Schneider Electric’s Senior Meteorologist, Brad Nelson, as he shows how having accurate, real-time severe weather and lightning information is critical to any athletic department’s game plan.

This webinar will include:

  • A brief science of severe weather and lightning
  • Best practices on lightning safety methods for the athletics and outdoor events
  • Guidelines used by the NCAA and other premier sports associations regarding when to clear the field, and when it’s safe to resume play.
  • Real-world examples of “play or evacuate” decision-making and evacuation plans.

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