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Training Athletes According to 10 Principles for Game-Applicable Power

Boyd Epley (and assistant Mike Arthur) taught and established ten power principles to follow when creating a cornerstone strength and conditioning program. During his decorated career at the University of Nebraska, athletes trained in accordance with the effective principles. Now, millions of student-athletes around the world have trained in programs applying the ten principles that focus on building muscle and increasing power. Join Boyd Epley and a panelist of four experienced strength training professionals to hear how they’ve successfully adopted the principles and how your team can apply them for game-winning performance. This webinar is sponsored by Matrix Fitness and hosted by Training & Conditioning’s Wesley Sykes.

• Diane Banderas, Director of Sports Performance at The Xplosive Edge
• Greg Werner, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Women’s Basketball at Virginia Tech
• Kevin Coleman, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Football at University of Kansas
• Jamie Belt, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Boxing with current client Terrance Crawford

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Matrix Fitness

Facility Upgrades during COVID-19

Available on-demand. The American Sports Builders Association invites you to a panel discussion to review the trends in facility upgrades during the time of COVID-19 and recommendations on how to keep your facility running properly with potentially limited budgets. Additionally our panelists can answer any questions you might have about your current projects. This webinar is sponsored by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) and hosted by Coach & A.D.

Kristoff Eldridge (Track)
David Clapp (Tennis)
Kirk Grego (Fields)
Craig Honkomp (Design Professional)

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American Sports Builders Association

The Digital Athletic Department

Hear about technologies that athletic departments and coaches can use to add value to their departments from your peers.


Michael Banning, athletic director at Clarkesville HS (AR)

Mike Hart, athletic director and head basketball coach at St. Andrew’s Prep School (RI)

Tony Wagner, Assistant principal and athletic director at Johnson High School (GA)

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When Athletes Return

A panel of coaches and athletic directors discuss everything you need to consider when student-athletes return to school, including their plans for the fall. The roundtable happens on August 5, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET.


James Patrick Lynch, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Division of Athletics
President | Philadelphia Public League

Mario Morales
Head Football Coach, St. Anthony Preparatory High School, Long Beach, CA
Dean of Students, Lakewood High School (CA)

Neil Murphy
Athletic Directory, Sandwich High School (MA)

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Fundraising & New Revenue Streams Round Table

Join award-winning coaches and athletic directors with proven success at creatively increasing their departments’ revenue for our live round table, “Fundraising & New Revenue Streams: How to Achieve Your Financial Goals.” Sponsored by Samsung LED Display.

Our panelists have found success creating new revenue streams for their department as well as running creative fundraisers that student-athletes are excited about. Learn how you can implement their fundraising solutions in your department.

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Crisis & Recession Proofing Your HS Athletic Department

Athletic departments are a popular target anytime school districts start looking for ways to save money, but during an economic downturn when budget cuts are mandatory it is almost inevitable that sports budgets will be impacted, the only question is by how much.

You can’t control the economy, or school district budgeting decisions, but you can improve financial stability by developing outside income streams. Innovative thinking is the key!

If you’re not not considered a part of the core curriculum, budget cuts are always a possibility. Technology is a part of the solution.

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How to Train Your Athletes for Speed, Strength and Agility

Learn how to get your athletes in top speed, strength and agility condition from former NBA strength and conditioning coach, Robert Hackett. Mr. Hackett currently serves as a Brand Ambassador for BSN SPORTS, the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States, offering free strength and conditioning coaching clinics around the nation. Learn expert techniques on how to test, teach and coach athletes to excel in all areas of speed and conditioning. Robert teaches fundamental speed, which is applicable to any coach and sport! Robert also will reveal some tips and tricks on injury prevention, which is key to the long-term success of a team.

Best of all, you can earn a Continued Education Credit Hour for attending this online webinar, at no charge.

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