No Huddle No Mercy Offense – Game Planning and Play Calling

Clairton High School (PA) scored 958 points this past fall over their 16-game season or an average of nearly 60 points per game. The team also averaged 12.8 yards per play and 510 yards of total offense per game. Offensive Coordinator Shawn Liotta recently completed a five-set series of DVDs on this prolific offense that are now available at AFMvideos.com.

In his fifth DVD, Coach Liotta describes the priorities of his game planning and play calling. In this DVD, you will learn:

  • An 8 step-by-step process in developing your game plan.
  • The complete game plan process from Saturday through Friday –what should and needs to be done day-by-day.
  • What should your priorities be in your film review?
  • How do you examine the personnel you’ll be playing this week?
  • What are the critical priorities in your own self-scouting?
  • How to present the scouting report and game plan to your players.
  • The actual contents of the scouting report.
  • The process of installing the game plan.
  • The advantages of practicing with tempo.
  • The details of the actual game day call sheet.
  • Prioritizing your offensive inventory – base run, base pass, and various screen plays.
  • The various field attack zones.
  • An understanding of contingency and situational planning.
  • The importance of having answers in game situations.
  • How to handle both game changes and pressure situations.
  • How to prioritize both in-game and halftime adjustments.