EZ Call Play Calling System – Hard Copy

The Easiest, Most Efficient Play Calling System in Football Today!

With the EZ Call system you will get more snaps per game, more practice reps, no more missed assignments, increase your scoring average, eliminate delay of game and procedure penalties, teach complex schemes with ease, plus many more benefits!

  • Customize your Play Bank to Fit Any Offensive Scheme
  • Eliminate Assignment Errors
  • Teach Complex Schemes with Ease
  • Eliminate Long and Confusing Play Calls
  • EZ CALL Can Be Used With Both Huddle and No Huddle Schemes
  • Increase Offensive Game Snaps by 30% or More
  • Increase Practice Reps by 50%
  • Increase Your Scoring Average
  • Install Your Game Plan in Minutes
  • Eliminate Delay of Game and Procedure Penalties
  • Reduce the Amount of Memorization Needed to Run Complex Offenses
  • Print Practice Scripts and Game Call Sheets Instantly
  • Includes Situational Game Calling Script Maker
  • The EZ CALL System can easily hold over 225 Plays on each Wrist Coach.
  • The Program Prints Player Specific Assignments on Each Band

*Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later.