Converting the College 4-2-5 to High School Defense – Using the 3-4 as a Change Up

Coach Justin Conyers was the defensive coordinator last fall at Nansemund Suffolk Academy in Virginia. He recently completed a five-set series of DVDs on converting the college 4-2-5 defense to an efficient high school defense. NSA was a Virginia State Champion in 2015 before Coach Conyers became head coach at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach. In this DVD, the fifth in a series, he details using the 4-2-5 as a change up with other defenses.

In this DVD you will learn:

· How you can change alignment to a 3-4 where the tackle is replaced by a rover who lines up away from the pas strength.

· Responsibilities for all 11 defenders.

· A front used in the ‘Steelers’ 3-4 alignment.

· Roll downs, indicating a high safety moves up, converting the defense from a 3-4 to a 3-5-3.

· Defensive assignments for motion are determined by which offensive player is in motion.

· Line stunts that include slants, pinches, and jacks.

· Aligning in a 3-4 gives you split field coverage which can be used as either read-side or away-side coverages.

· Zone blitzes in the 3-4 alignment allows the blitz without dropping the defensive end.

· Zone blitzes always come from the passing strength.

· Zone blitzes include ‘Seahawk Twist’ to the weak side as well as “Steeler Miami’, “Steeler Twist”, and “Bama.”

· Following the man blitz rules that are critical in whole field coverage.

· How defenses can easily be adjusted from a 4-2-5 to a 3-4 and 3-5-3.