The Way of the Champion: Developing Self-Awareness

With Jerry Lynch, PhD

Sport Psychologist, international speaker, corporate consultant; national class athlete and author.

Knowing yourself as a person and athlete is more important than knowing your opponent. This instructional DVD on self-awareness deals with the athletes looking at themselves to maximize his or her potential. Jerry Lynch facilitates three different group/team activities that are designed to have the athletes/team to take an introspective look at themselves, their behaviors and habits. These activities involve penning answers to questions that relate to present behavioral traits. Once these behaviors are identified, Jerry helps the athletes look at those that are productive and/or counterproductive and assists in helping the athletes make positive changes to better work towards their goals by embracing the habits of champions. To bridge words on the paper to the mind, Lynch teaches athletes how to visualize these behaviors and feel the changes. The value of these exercises can be seen before, during and after the season. Lynch has a unique ability to get on the same page with the athletes he teaches in these dynamic group settings and this DVD will help you to do and be the same.

53 minutes.