The Way of the Champion: Developing Strategic Positioning



with Jerry Lynch, PhD;
Sport Psychologist, international speaker, corporate consultant; national class athlete and author.

Lynch builds on the concepts of self-awareness through strategic positioning. A major concept in strategic positioning is to understand that competition is a process. Goal driven athletes tend to focus on the result while being oblivious to the day-to-day process. This three-part instructional DVD begins with an exercise to show how to effectively and efficiently send a strong message to your opponent about your intent. Lynch teaches athletes how to ensure this message is sent and received through visualization and affirmation, two critical components of strategic positioning. Part Two focuses the team generating ideas for improvement within 24 hours after competition. Champions need positive and constructive critique, even after victory. By specifically defining the areas of improvement, athletes and teams can take steps toward improvement and ultimate success. Part Three is designed to increase the intensity of practices. Athletes focus on what they are willing to start doing that differs from their normal routine. This exercise helps athletes see that the only thing keeping them from dynamic positive changes is themselves.