The Way of the Champion: Having the Right Stuff

With Jerry Lynch, PhD;

Sport Psychologist, international speaker, corporate consultant and author.

Sport Psychologist Jerry Lynch suggests that you and your team not think about “becoming” champions but rather that you decide to “be” a champion first, and begin right now to follow and practice the habits and lifestyle of champions. Champions work, play and compete with heart. The good news for athletes is that playing, competing and working with heart is something that can be taught. In Lynch’s Way of the Champion Series, he will show you how to teach your athletes to incorporate the traits and habits of champions. The end result will enable your athletes to have the “the stuff of champions.” Lynch also presents 10 ways to get the most out of your athletes. Being open, fair, serving, a listener and humble are a few of traits illustrated. This entire DVD compilation is set upon the mental mechanics of champions shown in live activity settings. Lynch’s teaching begins with the circle. In sports the circle is a symbol of team unity and togetherness. The circle allows for communication, connectedness and openness. The mindfulness activity helps calm athletes down and gives them confidence. Meditation, visualization and affirmation are the three components of this powerful exercise. He will help you to identify inspiration in the lives of your athletes and how this inspiration can be used to enhance their athletic competition.

77 minutes.