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Coach & Athletic Director’s top stories of 2018

The year is coming to an end, and the Coach & Athletic Director team thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of 2018’s biggest stories.

To little surprise, some of the year’s most-read articles revolved around parents behaving badly. Features on athletic administration and building leadership in athletes also made the list.

Here are this year’s top picks:

2018 top stories

12. Study: Sport specialization increases risk of injury, burnout

New research from two studies presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) demonstrated the substantial psychosocial impact parents can have on their children’s sports experience, as 54.7 percent of parents encouraged their children to specialize in a single sport.

11. Study: Helicopter parents make life harder for children

A study published in Developmental Psychology found that over-controlling parents can lead to a child’s inability to manage emotions and behavior. The researchers followed the same 422 children over the course of eight years.

10. Ohio coaches suing parents for libel, slander

A group of high school basketball coaches in northern Ohio are suing four parents who they say are spreading lies about the way they run the program. Some parents alleged staff misconduct and “questionable backgrounds” of adults connected to the program.

9. N.Y. coach wins $50K defamation suit against parents

The parents, in a letter to the district superintendent, accused the coach of being verbally abusive and having a drinking problem. A few months later, the school board voted not to renew his contract as the basketball coach. The basketball coach pushed back against the claims in court.

8. Preparing for the athletic director interview

So you want to be an athletic director. Dr. David Hoch provides some direction on how to prepare for the interview and leave a lasting impression that could land you your next job.

7. The role of assistant coaches

A characteristic of good athletic programs is that they have great assistant coaches on all levels. Assistants play a vital role in a team’s success.

Hall of fame high school basketball coach Don Kloth offers his insight for how head coaches can maximize the effectiveness of their assistants.

6. Dealing with parental interference in coaching

Why do parents attempt to coach from the sidelines? Perhaps they served as youth league coaches, and when their child moved on to the high school level they never surrendered that role.

Coach & AD columnist Dr. David Hoch offers his tips to help athletic administrators push back against parents who get too involved.

5. Wisconsin HS coach resigns after being confronted by parents

A Wisconsin high school basketball coach abruptly stepped down in January, just days after he was allegedly confronted at a bar by parents who weren’t happy about the team’s play.

4. Captains must do these 12 things today

Most emerging leaders erroneously view and define leadership as the mighty shoves reserved only for the heroic captains of the team. In actuality, it’s the tiny pushes of leadership that are much more plentiful and ultimately impactful over time.

This is a great list of qualities that make up the best team captains.

3. 22 must-read books for coaches, athletic directors

Coach & Athletic Director polled readers, asking their recommendations for books that all coaches, athletic administrators and other sports professionals must read to become a true leader for their programs.

2. Minn. HS basketball coach resigns over abuse from parents

Brainerd High School boys basketball coach Scott Stanfield, and his entire staff, stepped down over pressure from they players’ parents.

1. N.J. high school baseball player sues coach for telling him to slide

A New Jersey judge is being asked to consider whether a high school baseball coach was “negligent” when he signaled for one of his players to slide during a game, resulting in injury.

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