Two secondary fast-break plays From John Patterson, formerly of Liberty Christian Academy, Lynchburg, Virginia

Patterson1DIAGRAM 1: Secondary fast break one (A). The following two plays diagram ways to get into your secondary fast break. In the first play, 1 has the ball on the right wing. 2 is positioned in the ball-side corner. 4 is on the ball-side block. 3 is positioned on the opposite wing. 5 is at the top of the key and is being denied a pass from 1 by the defender.

Patterson2DIAGRAM 2: Secondary fast break one (B). 5 steps to the right to the width of the lane and sets a screen for 1. 1 dribbles left around the screen past the top of the key and onto the left side of the court. 3 moves from the left wing to the left corner to create space. 4 stays home when 5 screens for 1. 2 remains in the corner.

Patterson3DIAGRAM 3: Secondary fast break one (C). Once into position, 5 then sets a pin-screen for 2. 2 moves from the corner, uses the pin-screen and heads to the right-side wing between the foul line and 3-point line. 3 remains in the corner and 4 stays on the right-side block.

Patterson4DIAGRAM 4: Secondary fast break one (D). After 5 screens for 2, 4 moves to the ball-side block. 5 ducks back into the lane. 1 now has three options. 1 can pass to 3 in the corner, 4 in the low post or to 2 on the wing. 2 then could pass to 5 in the lane.

Patterson5DIAGRAM 5: Secondary fast break two (A). In the second secondary-fast-break play, all players are in the same position as the first play. This time, 3 is being denied by his defender. 1 passes from the left wing to 5 at the top of the key. 5 now has a dribble-drive opportunity if it’s open. 4 moves from the right-side block to the middle of the lane.

Patterson6DIAGRAM 6: Secondary fast break two (B). If the immediate dribble penetration isn’t available to 5, 5 then dribbles toward 3. 3 comes to 5 and receives a hand-off pass. 4 clears to the left-side block to create space for the play.

Patterson7DIAGRAM 7: Secondary fast break two (C). 3 now has four options, including: a pass to 1 on the right wing; a dribble into the lane and a pass to 2 in the right corner; a dribble into the lane and pass to 4 in the post; or a dribble into the lane and a pass to 5 on the left wing. 5 then either has a shot or passes to 4 in the post.