The Old Man in the Gym

Bob Taylor coached college basketball for more than three decades when he began to notice a difference in players: Their basketball IQ was declining. He discovered that the problem began in the youth game, primarily with the coaching methods used to teach today’s players. In “Old Man in the Gym,” Taylor breaks down his step-by-step plan for how coaches and parents can train their young basketball players the right way, building a foundation that improves court sense, decision making and feel for the game. Taylor also shares the drills and practice routines he used to help his players earn a spot on their varsity team as freshmen. Pick up “Old Man in the Gym” to learn the secrets behind building better basketball players!

“Although I don’t have a Twitter account, I stumbled across yours, which lead me to buying your book. It’s a great read! It challenges some of the more common basketball training models you see today, but it makes sense. It’s one of the best book purchases I’ve made in some time. Thank you for writing it!” ~Tommie Kellum, Novi MI

Note: There are two options, either the eBook (immediate download in PDF form) or a shipped book.