Two Fights Breakout Between Refs, Fans, & Coaches during AAU Tournaments

Two AAU basketball referees were involved in physical altercations during summer tournaments in the midwest over the last weekend.

In Oklahoma, a referee knocked out a male spectator after issuing a technical foul to a coach for stepping out onto the court and headbutting the ref, according to various media reports.

Then, in Kansas City, an AAU coach and a tournament referee exchanged blows before an ensuing brawl took place, according to a report from

Below are excerpts from the and‘s reports on both issues.

Videos from inside the Score OKC Sports Center in Edmond, Oklahoma show the moment the coach walks onto the [court] after the ref’s call and headbutts the official, who immediately swings at the man.

A brawl ensues on the court, and when the ref appears cornered by two people away from the crowd, his partner rushes in and sucker punches a man, knocking him out and putting an end to the chaos.

“I was there on the other court,” the attendee said. ‘This was all over a tech the coach received then he came on the floor and headbutted the ref instead of leaving the floor.

‘The score was 28-26,” the attendee said of the coach’s team. ‘They were winning, now the whole organization loses.”

The referee involved in the Kansas City altercation, Caleb Mcconnell, went on Facebook and detailed the events, which were used in the story.

I had just called a tech right before the camera came to me. That’s why he was pushing up on me like that. F–k another tech at that point. He had to catch one,” McConnell, who says he’s a 9-year referee veteran, explains.

That coach was just looking for a reason to start something, he couldn’t take the ass whooping like a man,” the ref added.

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