Texas voters reject $94M sports stadium for Prosper ISD

November 9, 2023 / Athletic AdministrationCoachingFacilities
Voters in Prosper, Texas voted in favor of allocating funds to a new performance arts center and upgrading technology district-wide but voted against a proposal for a new $94 million athletic stadium.

According to unofficial voting results, fewer than 45% were in favor of the athletic upgrades while 55% were against them.

prosperA recent story from KERANews.org shared the unofficial results from the local election that decided against athletic facility upgrades to the district. Below is an excerpt from the KERANews.org story.

Voters approved the other three bond issues in the package, according to unofficial election results. Proposition A includes $2.4 billion to build new schools and support facilities and modernize existing schools, as well as to reinforce safety and security measures, buy land for eight new schools, and provide transportation; it appears to have passed with 65% of votes in favor.

Prop B includes $140 million to upgrade the district’s technology; unofficial results show it received 64% of votes in favor.

Prop D allocated $125 million for a new performing arts center; it appears to have passed with 55% of votes in favor.

The district says the new facilities included in the bond package are needed to keep up with its growth.

In a statement on its website, the district says it’s prepared to “embark on the meticulous planning of construction timelines and project schedules” for the propositions that passed. As for the new stadium, “The Board of Trustees will determine next steps for that facility.”

To read the full story about the Prosper voters not approving new athletic facilities from KERANews.org, click here.