Police investigating Colorado youth basketball referee brawl

December 12, 2023 / Athletic AdministrationBasketballCoaching
Two referees broke out in a fight during a youth basketball game in Colorado over the weekend.

Two of the referees began throwing punches during a fourth-grade boys basketball game between Cherry Creek and Legend Blue at the Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood, CO.

coloradoThe fight was caught on video and later shared on social media—garnering viral attention.

A recent story from TMZ.com detailed the scuffle and the fallout after. Below is an excerpt from the TMZ.com story.

The clip clearly shows two referees square up on the court after some type of disagreement … when one of the refs throws a massive right hook, knocking down the other official.

The ref attempted to throw more punches, but was held back by bystanders.

The ref who was dropped eventually got up … but he wasn’t done fighting. The man then got into a stand-off with another official … but thankfully no punches were thrown this time.

We talked to Lakewood Police … who told us they’re aware of the situation, but haven’t yet made any arrests because “the involved parties had already left the gym” by the time they arrived on the scene.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the fight, according to the Gold Crown Foundation … which also tells us all the referees have been suspended indefinitely.

“We have informed these independently contracted officials that they are suspended indefinitely from working for Gold Crown Foundation,” GCF told us in a statement.

“Most importantly we apologize to everyone that had to witness their unacceptable behavior – especially the kids.”

To read the full story from TMZ.com about the Colorado referees, click here.