NCAA, Department of Defense aim to Create Concussion Database

From CBSSports.com

The NCAA and Department of Defense are launching a $30 million effort to produce what the White House calls the most comprehensive concussion database ever.

The initiative was announced Wednesday in conjunction with President Barack Obama’s youth safety sports summit this week. In addition, the NFL has committed $25 million to support youth sports safety projects, including support for new programs to expand access to athletic trainers in schools.

As scientists search for new research about head injuries, the NCAA and Department of Defense’s database will attempt to comprehensively track the natural histories of concussions. The goal is to produce research on concussion risks, treatment and management by studying how concussions evolve over time.

The widespread, systemic collection of sports-related concussion data at all levels has been a major challenge for scientists to further discover potential links between head injuries and longterm brain damage. The lack of larger sample sizes gets cited by some policymakers in sports for not taking more actions related to concussions.

Last October, the National Research Council recommended a national surveillance system to accurately determine the number of concussions in youth sports. The Obama initiative stopped short of a national registry for youth sports, but White House officials said a $10 million investment by the UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program is part of that collection goal.

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