Idaho State Football Banned From Postseason Play

May 25, 2011 / Football
KPVI News 6 (Pocatello, Idaho)


The penalty flag has been thrown against the Idaho State Football program and as a result, will not be allowed to participate in postseason play.

The NCAA has released their APR for the 2009-2010 school year and while ISU athletic programs improved as a whole, it was not enough for the football program to avoid penalties. The program improved to 888 from 879 in the four-year score, but fell short of the 925 mark. Because of failing to meet that mark, the football program will not be allowed to participate in the post season, they will lose one day of practice and they will lose 2.98 scholarships.

ISU Athletic Director Jeff Tingey says that Coach Kramer has set a solid foundation for academic success with his football program. And that they are confident with his vision of academic excellence that they will see improvement in the APR football score each year.

Other programs like women’s soccer, women’s tennis and women’s outdoor track improved their scores. The women’s cross country team was recognized by the NCAA for scoring a perfect 1,000 for their four-year average. The Public Recognition Award are given out each year to the teams scoring in the top 10 percent of each sport with their APRs.

APR stands for academic progress rate and is a measure of how student athletes are performing in the class room. 

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