Former Nebraska women’s basketball player sues coaches, A.D.

February 20, 2024 / Athletic AdministrationBasketballCoaching
The University of Nebraska head women’s basketball coach and assistant coach, athletic director, and the Board of Regents are at the center of a federal lawsuit filed by a former player.

Ashley Scoggins has accused A.D. Trev Alberts of failing to investigate or prevent a sexual relationship she had with former assistant coach Chuck Love Jr.

nebraskaDuring an internship with Nebraska Athletics in 2021, where Scoggin worked predominantly in Love’s office, she claimed Love had multiple relationships with Nebraska students while married.

A recent story from detailed the lawsuit and Scoggin’s allegations. Below is an excerpt from the story.

She alleges he was persistent in asking to see each other outside of school events. A specific incident mentioned in court documents centered around the two meeting late at night in a parking lot. According to the documents, she brought alcohol — at his request. He then kissed her, allegedly asking, “Have you ever done anything with a coach before?”

Scoggin claims she couldn’t report the relationship for fear of retaliation.

The suit alleges Love expected Scoggin to have sex with him whenever and wherever he wanted, including across multiple UNL athletic facilities.

The relationship was formally confirmed in February 2022, the documents state. The night before the team played at Penn State, Scoggin’s teammates recorded her presence in Love’s hotel room, confronted her about it, and reported it to head coach Amy Williams.

Williams called a team meeting the next day, during which Scoggin claims she was interrogated by her teammates and that her coach blamed her for what happened. Scoggin and Love both denied formal relations. Williams also did not counsel her players on what may have been an abuse of power on Love’s part.

Scoggin was then suspended from the team; Love was suspended with pay, citing a “personnel matter.” He later resigned.

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