AFCA Conference Social Media Recap

July 17, 2012 /
The 2012 American Football Coaches Association’s annual conference came to an end this week in San Antonio. Here are 25 of Coach and Athletic Director’s top tweets from the event.


  • HS football coach in Rome, GA uses @guardiancaps at practices & had 0 concussions. Linemen hit harder too b/c they don’t get headaches #afca
  • Odell Jones, Merrimack: would like to see 6-8 athletic trainers on staffs to deal with concussions, head injuries. #AFCA
  • Marlon Watson, Bethel U, says pay attention to players’ everyday demeanor so if they take a big hit, you’ll know if they seem off.
  • Andrews: Defenses must invest at least 5 minutes/practice on open-field tackling. Offenses now create so many 1-on-1 situations. #AFCA
  • Fundraising tips from CharityMania: 1.Start early 2 Create an incentive for top sellers 3 Stay organized #afca 
  • Per Coach and Athletic Director Survey, 25.7% of ADs will increase spending on helmets. 24.6% increase for football equipment.
  • The pass back is a unique football you can throw/catch by yourself. Get 30 reps/minute. Gr8 for off season #afca
  • Buddy Stephens, East Miss. CC, says 2.4 seconds is how long his quarterbacks are given to make a throw. Too short, too long? #AFCA
  • Aspiring coach? UofMinn’s Jeff Phelps says get to know staff and work ethic before accepting a new job. if it doesn’t fit, move on. #AFCA
  • Rapp: Do homework before taking new job. Research expectations, culture, resources, support & the staff. #AFCA
  • Tip from @frontrush: gauge recruits reaction to visit by checking their fb page/tweets – and it gives insight into their character #afca
  • From career forum: apply for new coaching positions, but don’t be a “job jumper” and fail to establish roots anywhere. #AFCA
  • Should young coaches focus on one position or take in all aspects? Coaches say they want “football guys.” Wide range of experience. #AFCA
  • Mike London, UofVirginia: D1 coaches recruiting should get to know player AND coach history. Build relationships with high schools. #AFCA
  • What sep avg. recruiters from great ones? great ones are genuine, persistent. Find students values and make sure they fit your school #AFCA
  • One Texas coach said his players must attend “character class” to learn values, how to treat people, etc. #AFCA interesting concept.
  • Rapp: I play everyone & use special teams to do it. It builds self-esteem for players and hasn’t cost me a game. #AFCA
  • 85.5% of HS ADs in public schools also coach a sport. Want more info? Stop by and ask to see our 2012 AD Rept #AFCA
  • Dr. Casa: 95% of heat-related deaths occur in 1st 3 days of practice. #AFCA
  • Tip: coaches & players, Google yourself. Check for fake Twitter/Facebook pages representing your name. Problem in college and pros. #AFCA
  • Kevin Sumlin: create leadership council as opposed to captains. 2 guys represent each class voted on after 2-a-days. #afca
  • Paul Winters, Wayne State, uses “camp buddies” during training camp. Pairs up different positions & ethnicities to room together. #AFCA


  • Leipold discussing practice philosophies. No penalties, stay off the ground, no batting balls. Wants LBs and DBs to get chances #AFCA

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