An aggressive fast-break drill From Annette Wiles, former head women's coach, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas

We are a team that loves to attack on turnovers, rebounds and made baskets. A sideline fast break that involves passing is the most effective way to attack a retreating defense whether it is a zone or man. Here is an outstanding drill that teaches your players how to run an aggressive fast break.

Running the drill

In order to run, your players must first establish the defensive rebound and make a proper pivot on the outside foot. Outlet players are expected to come back to the ball by taking at least two steps and yelling “outlet, outlet!” to the rebounder. Upon receiving the pass, the outlet player must square up in triple-threat position and make the sideline pass up the court to the next outlet player.

The next player must turn and put the ball in the outside hand, with the off arm up and attack the corner or middle of the court for an entry bounce pass to a low-post player who has established good post-up position.

Continuing the drill

As the low-post player is making the low-post shot, the next rebounder is tossing another ball off the backboard and starting the drill all over again. Each person moves to the next open position by rotating clockwise.

Repetition of this drill will prepare your players to instinctively run an aggressive fast break. They will automatically know where to go on the floor and what kind of passes they will need to make.

Make sure that the rebounder is practicing proper rebounding technique (boxing out, securing the ball with two hands, elbows high, and proper pivot on the outlet pass) at all times.

Diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: R1 and R2 each have a ball. At the whistle, each player begins the drill by throwing the ball off the backboard, secures the rebound and pivots to throw the outlet pass to O1 and O3.

O1 and O3 must come back to the ball and yell “outlet, outlet!” O1 and O3 pass to O2 and O4.

Diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: O2 and O4 attack the corner or make a change of direction dribble to the middle of the court for an entry pass to LP1 and LP2.

LP1 and LP2 must use any one of a variety of post moves (front turn, drop step, hook shot or counter move) and finish by making the basket.

Diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: As an option, you may use a defender to guard your low-post players. Players rotate clockwise. Once they become good at this, add a third and fourth basketball to the drill. This will ensure that the action is fast and that a lot of players get involved.