Stephen Curry separation 1-on-1 drill From Ryan Goodson, skills trainer

Skills trainer Ryan Goodson’s book, “Basketball Essentials,” details more than 100 drills and training tips for players and coaches. The Stephen Curry separation 1-on-1 drill is among those Goodson uses to refine a player’s dribbling skills.

DIAGRAM: The drill uses two players, starting a 1-on-1 game at half court. X closely defends as the offensive player is allowed just three dribbles and one shot to score.

If the ball handler scores, he or she remains on offense. If the player does not score, O goes on defense and X goes on offense. One point is awarded for every made basket, and the drill ends when one player scores 10 points.

“This is a great 1-on-1 drill that Stephen Curry showed me,” Goodson writes in the book. “It helps players use the dribble to separate. The player must go somewhere with the first dribble or shot selection will be extremely limited.”

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