11-player drill works multiple skills From Bruce Reece, Madras High School, Oregon

This is a 3-on-2, continuous 11-player drill that teaches multiple skills such as rebounding, transition offense, defense outlet passing and conditioning. Align the players as shown in Diagram 1. The rebounder, or player who secures the loose ball, is always on offense.

11-player drill


DIAGRAM 1: 11-player drill. Start with two players on defense at both ends. Have an outlet line positioned on each sideline at the free-throw line extended. Three offensive players (1, 2 and 3) set up at half court and come down on a 3-on-2 transition situation versus two of the defenders (X1 and X2).


DIAGRAM 2: 11-player drill (continued). The player who gets the ball (3 in this Diagram) throws an outlet pass to the nearest outlet player, and they begin a 3-on-2 transition going the other way. The outlet player who receives the pass fills the middle, while the rebounder (3) and other outlet player (X) run wide in transition.

The two other original offensive players (1 and 2) stay back and become defenders. X1 and X2 sprint to the sideline at the foul-line extended and become the new outlet-pass receivers.


DIAGRAM 3: 11-player drill (continued). The drill runs continuously for a predetermined set time limit.

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