3-on-3-on-3 drill exposes fundamental flaws From Dave Zeller, Edison Community College, Piqua, Ohio

This team drill is one of our players’ favorite drills. It’s highly competitive and must be officiated by a coach. Time and score should be kept throughout the drill.

This drill exposes many individual fundamental flaws in players, in both open court and 3-on-3 situations.

DIAGRAM 1: O4, O5 and O3 attack X1 and X2. When the ball crosses midcourt, X3 sprints in from the sideline, touches the center circle, and becomes “alive” to help defend the Os.

If the Os score, they press the X team until it advances the ball to the midcourt line.

If the Os miss their shot and it’s rebounded by the Xs — or if the Xs force the Os to turn the ball over — the Xs fast break the other way.

As the Xs transition down the court, X4 and X5 sprint to the vacant end of the floor and set up in the tandem defensive alignment.

The Os continue to defend the break up to the midcourt line and then leave the court for the next rotation of offensive players.

DIAGRAM 2: X1, X2 and X3 fast break and attack the two O-team tandem defenders (O1 and O2). O6 follows the “third-defender rule,” and sprints onto the court as the Xs pass the midcourt line. O6 must touch the center circle, and then scramble back to provide defensive help.

On the offensive end, the coach may require two or three passes before a shot is allowed.

Screening, good shot selection and offensive rebounding are all encouraged. Defenders can zone press, deny, trap, or use run-and-jump pressure.