Iron Sharpens Iron: Love, Trust, & Respect

Love, Trust, and Respect — This segment is being written on June 21st, Father’s Day. A day rightfully reserved for honor and gratitude to dad, and those who fill the void when needed — mentors, teachers, other family members, and anyone who chooses to embrace the role out of love. With Mother’s Day still fresh in our minds, there is obviously nothing that can take the shine and spotlight away from whoever wears this all-important title in our families — dad, daddy, papa, pops. Make no mistake; he is special. He is loved, trusted, and respected. 

But while we celebrated dad and gave him his due, we’ve also had to cope with many challenging and heart-wrenching events in recent months and weeks. So many things to talk about, but out of the scope of this article to really do justice to any one circumstance — a veritable avalanche of images, thoughts, and emotions constantly streaming through my mind.  

loveWe are still very much in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, one which seems to be surging in some states. It would appear, at least at this particular time, that we have a way to go yet in putting this devastating scourge behind us. More recently, horrifying scenes of social injustice, brutality, racial tensions, and ensuing protests have dominated the news for the past several weeks. 

Anger, disgust, and a call for reform — a call for change — have been in evidence as a result of several horrible incidents that did not, and should not, have ended the way they did. Voices and actions have been loud, clear, and visible and they will continue to ring and be seen until true change takes place…and stays in place.

I’ve always believed that there are three words, especially when strung together, that can mean the world to just about anyone who hears them: Love, trust, and respect. These words have deep-rooted meaning. They make a statement. They really embody what a meaningful relationship is all about. In your personal life, a work environment, teaching, coaching… hey, you name it. You might question “love” in certain situations (e.g., at work), then fine – substitute “care.” 

The bottom line is this: In just about any imaginable situation where it’s your job to get the very best out of people, to inspire them to new heights, to show them a vision of the way things could be, those three words will set the stage for really wonderful things to be realized when hard work is inserted as the fourth cornerstone.

They certainly work in coaching. I can fully attest to that with 45 years of experience. No, it’s not a fluffy, easy-going, or a something-for-nothing tiptoe through the tulips proposition. Quite the contrary; it is a nose to the grindstone, work your tail off, and as we mentioned in an earlier segment, very-much EARNED journey!

Think about it: What if we treated all of humanity… well, humanely? Is that really such a novel thought? If not, then why don’t we do it – or at least do it enough? 

Why don’t we all try using the words love (care), trust, and respect with everyone and anyone we develop even an interim-based relationship with? Now, they most assuredly have to earn that privilege, but why hold back after they’ve done just that?

Love, trust, and respect are better at breaking down the walls of distrust, angst, pettiness, selfishness, etc. than any jackhammer or wrecking ball. More importantly, they are better at building the ultimate success you seek for your organization and program than steel, bricks, and mortar.

Transcending sports, however (which this segment is really about), love, trust, and respect are the underpinnings of strong, productive, united societies. 

This isn’t about politics. Believe me, I don’t know as much as I probably should in that regard.  But I do know this; people who love, trust, and respect each other tend to work very well together. They accomplish more. They develop an air-tight, caring culture where everyone is shoulder-to-shoulder in attacking the tasks at hand.

Quite simply, they don’t want to let each other down, they want to lift each other up!  Isn’t that the way all things should be – especially daily life?

Who knows, maybe one day, hopefully, real soon! Stay strong, stay in the fight, and keep making an impact!