December 30, 2013

Basketball: Two plays from Villanova’s Jay Wright

[caption id="attachment_25175" align="alignright" width="180"] Jay Wright[/caption] Jay Wright, the head men's basketball coach at Villanova, utilizes a four-out, one-in motion offense that consistently makes the Wildcats one of the top teams in t...

December 30, 2011

Football: Expanding the shallow-cross concept

One of the most time-tested and versatile staples of the modern passing game is the shallow-cross concept. Known in some circles as the “"mesh” route," the shallow-cross concept is a favorite among play-callers because it attacks multiple coverages...

December 30, 2010

Football: Complementary plays to the wishbone triple option

The wishbone triple option play is the base play within the greater wishbone-triple-option offensive philosophy. As its name indicates, it's actually three plays in one. There is a dive option to the fullback; a quarterback-keeper, off-tackle option;...

April 22, 2010

Basketball: Kevin Sutton’s favorite set plays vs. zone defense

Running set plays against zone defenses gives your offense an advantage in a few ways: The coach and the players know who is going to shoot. The coach and the players know where the shot is going to be taken, giving your team a better opportu...

February 23, 2010

Basketball: Making the 3-pointer a priority in your offense

Revered basketball coach Don Meyer coached squads that led the country in scoring average on five separate occasions. His teams typically featured a balance of low-post players who score close to the hoop, and outside sharp-shooters who pick up extra...