December 16, 2019

Using interior screens to bust zone defenses

No matter where you turn, there’s someone talking about ways to beat a man-to-man defenses. Sit down with some coaches or attend a clinic, and if you’re talking about defense, the strategic emphasis is typically about ways to counter a man-to-man...

georgetown basketball
November 13, 2019

Modifying the read & react offense to fit your team

The read and react offense is one of the more popular offensive philosophies in basketball programs. It teaches players to play with principle rather than learn set plays. [caption id="attachment_12252" align="alignleft" width="286"] Photo: Anthony...

controlled motion offense main photo
October 22, 2019

Learning the ‘Demon’ controlled motion offense

Installing a new offense is never easy. Motion offenses are increasingly popular, but what if you're concerned the players can’t make all the proper reads? Another concern for coaches is lack of a true post player. In that instance, how do you pick...

October 2, 2019

5 quick hitters to shred zone defenses

Attacking zone defenses is nothing new to the world of basketball. Many coaches, myself included, have used continuity offenses, alternating fronts, attacking from the short corner, high-low attacks, screening and much more. During the last few years...

July 15, 2019

High-post zone offense breaks down defenses

As is the case with most high school programs, our team has very limited practice time to get ready to play. We need an offense that can be easily taught and practiced from the middle school levels up through our varsity team. Regardless of the zone...

shuffle offense prescott
June 18, 2019

The shuffle offense: An equal opportunity system

The shuffle offense is the type of system that features a great deal of continuity with excellent floor balance. It has a certain amount of structure while allowing for individual player creativity. When run properly, each player within the offense h...

Basketball offense
May 3, 2019

9 reasons your plays don’t produce points

Many coaches subconsciously — or even consciously — judge a play as successful based on whether it produced a score. Made baskets shouldn’t be the only measuring stick for grading a play. You should analyze the play call and determine whether i...

2-3 pro set offense
April 18, 2019

Learning the ‘2-3 Pro Set’ offense

Wing, guard and pop entries to help your team flourish [caption id="attachment_11824" align="alignright" width="235"] Diagram 1[/caption] The “2-3 Pro Set” is a versatile man-to-man offensive set that has the potential for a large number of entr...