Simplistic Multiplicity-Shutting Down the Spread Offense Stopping the Run-Pass Option

Florida State Champion Victory Christian Academy is located in Lakeland. Their Head Coach, Tommy Lewis, and Defensive Coordinator, Jamie Lemmond, recently completed a five-set series of DVDs on stopping the spread offense. This second DVD details shutting down the spread’s run-pass option play which stretches the field both vertically and horizontally. The five-set series is now available at AFMvideos.com and includes game footage. In this DVD, you will learn: · Defining exactly what the RPO play is. · Variations of the RPO have the running back or quarterback be running threats as well as the potential of a bubble screen play. · How to defend the RPO from the inside out, forcing the ball carrier to the sideline. · Importance of strong team pursuit. · How each defender has specific gap responsibility. · How to make sure you are defending the right person; that is, the player that can hurt the defense the most. · The importance of each specific situation for the right defensive formation; that is, down and distance, score, and clock situation. · How to use multiplicity to confuse the offensive line by showing multiple looks. · How to add a fifth defensive lineman into the box for a different look. · The proper pinch and slant techniques and when an extra defender should be at the line of scrimmage. · Why it’s critical to stay low and stay square. · How to create various defensive pressures with blitzes from different defenders to generate confusion in the offensive line. · How back end base 2-shell coverage creates an extra box player. · That multiplicity can affect both wide receiver blocking as well as quarterback reads. · When to use cover 2 which is more of a traditional look along with a variety of coverages including cover 3, sky, and cloud coverage.