Simplistic Multiplicity-Shutting Down the Spread Offense Stopping the Passing Game

What are the keys to stopping the spread offense’s passing game? Head Coach Tommy Lewis and Defensive Coordinator Jamie Lemmond of Victory Christian Academy in Lakeland, Florida, systematically tell you how to do it. Both coaches completed a five-set series of DVDs, now available at AFMvideos.com entitled ‘Simplistic Multiplicity – Shutting Down the Spread Offense.’ VCA is a Florida State Champion and this DVD is the fourth in the five-set series.

In this DVD, you will learn:

* Various fronts, movements and coverages to contain the spread offense passing game.
* Ways to confuse the quarterback and wide receivers with multiple coverages.
* Coverage and pressure combinations that ensure the prevention of explosive plays while all eyes are on the ball, and coverage generates a greater chance for interceptions.
* How to defend the vertical routes by playing zone and man-to-man.
* Importance of breaking when the ball is in the air.
* Match-ups with various route combinations.
* Blitz packages for the outside and inside linebackers as well as the boundary corner.
* Coverages to include cover 2 vs. a sprint out offense and cloud coverage vs. the sprint out offense.
* How to defend the 90, 50, and sprint out passing game.
* How to use the principles of multiplicity to shut down the spread offense passing game.