Simplistic Multiplicity-Forcing Turnovers: Taking the Ball Away From the Spread Offense

Forcing turnovers is a critical element if any defense wants to be successful. The five-set DVD series, “Simplistic Multiplicity -How to Shut Down the Spread Offense,” includes a detailed DVD on forcing turnovers. Head Coach Tommy Lewis and Defensive Coordinator Jamie Lemmond of Florida State Champion Victory Christian Academy have completed this series now available at AFMvideos.com. This fifth DVD includes the importance of a daily turnover circuit to maximize each defense’s potential.

In this DVD, you will learn:

· The philosophy and strategy of VCA’s turnover circuit.
· How VCA forced 56 fumbles over the last three seasons.
· How to create greater emphasis on creating turnovers: all eyes on the ball, having great team pursuit, and relentlessly practicing a turnover circuit.
* How to force fumbles by practicing the One Man Rip/Punch Drill and the Two Man Rip/Punch Drill.
* How to recover a fumble with a Scoop ‘n Score Drill, Scoop and Recover Drill, and the Sideline Scoop or Swat Drill.
* How to protect the head with proper tackling techniques.
* The importance of practicing the turnover circuit at every practice throughout the season