Search and Destroy: Elite Running Back Drills

 In this DVD, Coach Doug Heslip, a Performance Enhancement Specialist, details advanced drills for running backs. The agility drills include teaching players to be nimble on their feet. These unique drills will help improve your players’ performance in avoiding defensive players with their feet, reacting to defenders, and missing tacklers. The 52 minute video is a complete guide to maximizing the performance of your running backs.

 In this DVD, you will learn:

 ·     How to perform a dynamic stretch.

·     How to make the most out of the speed ladder.

·     The 1-3-5 Wall Drill to warm up the legs.

·     Speed ladder drills to help ball security.

·     The Blindness Drill to improve ball security.

·     Priorities for a running back before the snap.

·     The proper stance to improve explosiveness.

·     Improving your start by the use of tennis balls.

·     Jump cut drills to avoid tacklers.

·     Using one leg for jump cut drills.

·     React ion drills with the Bag, Bounce, and Bend Drill.

·     Cubicle cone drills to improve quickness.

·     Resistance training by practicing the ‘Whole Shabang’ Drill.

·     Pass catching tips on ‘squeezing the bird.’

·     The best and worst scenarios in picking up a blitzing    linebacker.