No Huddle No Mercy Offense – The Screen Package

Shawn Liotta, the offensive coordinator at Clairton High School (PA), runs what he calls the ‘No-Huddle, No Mercy’ offense. His five-set series of DVDs is now available at AFMvideos.com. Clairton averaged nearly 60 points per game last fall and 510 yards of total offense per game. It could have been more but the PIAA Mercy Rule was in effect in the second half of 12 of the 16 games Clairton played.

In this DVD, the fourth of the five-set series, Coach Liotta details his screen package. Successful screens accounted for 30-40% of Clairton’s passing yardage. In this DVD you will learn:

  • The 7 advantages of the screen game.
  • Clairton’s screen package philosophy.
  • How a successful screen game will stress the defense.
  • How Clairton attacks depth and leverage.
  • Coach Liotta’s five different types of screens – quick, slow, double, those packages with runs, and sucker and gadget screens.
  • Four different types of bubble screens.
  • Specific blocking responsibilities for screen plays.
  • Diagrams for screen plays – trips, empty, and early motion.
  • Diagrams for outside WR fast screens – with deuce personnel, trips, empty, and jet motion.
  • Diagrams for inside WR fast screens including the sucker play.
  • Fast screens attached to run concepts.
  • Slow screens including the slip screen, play-action screens, and with the quick game attached.
  • Key screens including the double and triple screens.
  • Screen Drills that you can practice every day.