No Huddle No Mercy Offense – Playing Fast and Winning Big

Shawn Liotta is the offensive coordinator at Clairton High School (PA), a team that averaged nearly 60 points per game last fall. His team also averaged 12.8 yards per play and 510 yards in total offense per game. He accomplished this with his prolific ‘No-Huddle, No-Mercy’ offense.

In this first DVD, Coach Liotta discusses ‘The Basics of Playing Fast and Winning Big.’ In this DVD you will learn:

  • Coach Liotta’s offensive philosophy.
  • The concept of playing fast.
  • The 8 keys to successfully running the ‘No-Huddle, No Mercy’ offense.
  • What effect playing fast has on your opponent’s defense.
  • Specific play calling codes you can use in your offense.
  • Pre-snap procedures by formation.
  • Personnel groupings.
  • Formations including one-back, stack, trips, tornado, two-back, rambo, no-back sets, and three-back sets.
  • How to effectively use various types of motion.
  • ‘Jump’ – when two or more players shift into the final formation.
  • Pass protection procedures and how to handle the blitz.
  • A detailed in-season practice plan.