Bomber 3-3-5 – Defending the Spread

Now beginning his 11th year as Head Coach at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati,

Steve Specht has compiled an 103-33 record with two state championships. Known as a defensive specialist, Coach Specht employs his 3-3-5 as an odd stack front and coverage. He has just completed a four-set series of DVDs now available at AFMvideos.com. This fourth video details how Coach Specht defends the spread offense.

In this DVD, you will learn:

·     Priorities based on the type of quarterback that you are facing.

·     Responsibilities if a wide receive requires double coverage.

·     What concepts to use if the passing game is focused on backside isolation or the front side concept.

·     How to defend a running quarterback.

·     How the offensive blocking scheme determines responsibility – both the linebacker and defensive end react accordingly to the offensive scheme.

·     Base – read schemes including a ‘backside scoop’ and ‘backside base.’

·     Defensive stunts which predetermine responsibilities.

·     Predetermined ‘edge’ and ‘nasty’ stunts.

·     An additional safety in the box provides a bonus defender and the defensive call predetermines responsibility.

·     The predetermined ‘flash’ stunt.

·     How to defend the ‘key’ receiver.

·     How to identify and then eliminate the ‘key’ receiver.

·     Specific types of coverage in identifying the ‘key’ receiver – ‘mouse’ and ‘snake’ coverage.

·     How to take away the ‘concept side.’

·     Identifying concept coverages.

·     To use various coverages – ‘cover 6’ with a 4 man pattern, ‘silver coverge’ with a 5 man pattern, and ‘bronze coverage’ with a 5 man pattern.

This DVD includes actual game footage to illustrate defending the spread.