Bomber 3-3-5 – Coverages

St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati) Head Coach Steve Specht uses an odd stack – a 3-3-5 – as his base defense. His philosophy in the box is to employ read scheme techniques and behind that go five across in the secondary to disguise coverages. A two-time state champion, Coach Specht recently completed a four-set series of DVDs. Video #2 is entitled, ‘Coverages’ and includes underneath techniques, corner, bump, hole/curl, and robber techniques.

 In this DVD, you will learn:

 ·     Positioning of the base defensive alignment.

·     Man coverage – keys to the “Seam” and “Hole” techniques.

·     Seam/Hole rules and responsibilities.

·     “Loose Man” technique coupled with an underneath matching zone philosophy.

·     “Loose Man” rules and responsibilities.

·     Trips (3 X 1) and doubles (2 X 2) checks.

·     Addition of the “Hole/Curl” technique.

·     Seam/Hole-Curl – rules and responsibilities.

·     “Storm” coverage adjustments.

·     “Bump” technique and rules and responsibilities.

·     Zone concepts – the addition of the Robber technique with rules and responsibilities.

·     Deep zone techniques – rules and responsibilities.

·     Addition of the Funnel Flat technique.

·     Coverage options including “Fire” coverage, “Storm” coverage, “Ice” coverage, four and five pattern concepts for coverage 3, coverage 2, coverage 4, coverage 6, “Snake” coverage, “Mouse” coverage, “Bronze” and “Silver” coverage.

This DVD includes game film to illustrate the various coverages.