Bomber 3-3-5 – Blitzes

St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati) has had enormous success with their 3-3-5 defense. Under Head Coach Steve Specht, the Bombers have won two state championships – in 2005 and 2007. Part of their vaunted defense is being a ‘fit’ team; that is, fitting each gap with a defender in order to be sound across the board. Blitz concepts and proper techniques are major reasons for the team’s success. In this DVD, the third of a four-set series, Coach Specht details St. Xavier’s three separate blitz packages.

In this DVD, you will learn:

·     The 3 separate blitz packages – 5 man fire zones, 5 man overloads, and 6/7 man pressures.

·     The Iowa fire stack defense.

·     1 and 2 coverage adjustments.

·     Additional stack defenses with blitzes including the Hawkeye Sling, Des Moines Sling, Iowa Bronze, Iowa Scud, Iowa Willie Man, Missouri Fire, Tiger Fire Sling, Psycho Silver, Psycho 2 Nemo, Psycho 2 Zebra, Psycho Sam Man, Load 3 Sling, Load Scud 3 Sling, Load Willie 0, and Truck 3 Sling.

·     1-back adjustments, blitz patterns, secondary rotations, and coverage options for each blitz detailed.

·     Backer blitzes – blitz tags for three linebackers.

·     Front drops – blitz tags for the three down linemen.

·     Individual and group tags for both the backer blitzes and front drops.

This DVD includes actual game footage to illustrate specific blitzes.