Backdoor Offense Download

The Backdoor Offense, often referred to as the “Princeton Offense,” is widely recognized as one of the most “pure” forms of offensive basketball. Designed to beat any defense and involve all your players, Backdoor Offense is a compilation of all imaginable offensive fundamentals ‹ intricately woven into a choreographed system of player movements, passing, screening and shooting. This 8-page Special Coaching Report takes the entire essence of this highly effective offense and breaks it down into easy to understand, simple-to-teach principles and rules. Through the 57 clearly drawn diagrams and descriptions of player movements, responsibilities and assignments, you’ll not only learn how to implement this versatile offense into your system, but you’ll also see numerous entries, set plays and quick-hitters to run out of the offense’s natural flow. A must-have report for coaches at all levels of competition!