Episode #9 — February 11, 2021 Nick Friar, Former NCAA Division I Pitcher

with Nick Friar, Former NCAA Division I Pitcher

In Episode 9, Wesley is joined by Nick Friar, a former NCAA Division I pitcher and private pitching coach. In addition to his collegiate career, Nick now works in sports media and is a private certified strength and conditioning coach.

The two discuss the finer points of pitching, training high school pitchers, the process of being scouted, the importance of body language, what to look for in choosing successful travel teams, and more.

sideline sessionsThey close the show with Nick’s favorite strikeout combinations, who was the most famous person to ever take him yard, and how he’d react after getting a big out or someone pimping a home run.

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You can follow Nick on Twitter, @Nick_Friar, and follow his work covering the Brooklyn Nets at The Nets Wire.