Stu Vetter’s ‘Up’ play to close out the half, quarter

“Up” is a play that’s perfect for the last offensive possession of a quarter. It’s designed to be set with about 14 seconds to play with the action staring with 10 seconds to go. The shot should be taken with about 6 seconds left to give the offensive team a shot at a rebound and second shot but not leave much if any time for the opposing team.


DIAGRAM 1: This play starts out from a 1-4 high set with the best outside shooter (2 in this example) on one wing and the best inside player (3) on the opposite wing.


DIAGRAM 2: 1 dribbles toward the 2 being careful not to go below the foul line extended. 2 curls toward the baseline. 4 screens across for 5 who comes off the screen and dives to the ball-side block. At this point 1 and 5 can play a two-man game.


DIAGRAM 3: If the two-man game isn’t there 1 reverses the ball to 4 who has stepped out to the top of the key. While the ball is in the air 3 screens down for the 2 who comes off the screen and cuts to the wing at the 3-point line. 4 passes to the 2 for a jump shot.


DIAGRAM 4: If 2 can’t get this shot 3 screens across for the 5 who posts on the ball-side block. The 4 “screens the screener allowing 3 to cut back to the top of the key.


DIAGRAM 5: 2 passes back to the 3 for a shot or a drive to the basket. At any point the shot is taken the remaining players crash the boards for a rebound.