1-4 high attack From Jim Kessler, Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana

DIAGRAM 1: The offense starts in a 1-4 high set, and 1 has the ball at the top of the key. 1 passes to 2 and cuts low to set a screen for 3. 3 can post up on a guard. 4 fills at the top.

DIAGRAM 2: 5 sets a ball screen for 2 and then kicks the ball to 4. 4 then passes to 1. 1 lobs to 5 on a sprint out for a dunk or an easy layup.

DIAGRAM 3: 1 looks to feed 5 on a post up or 3 off of a double stagger screen. After screening, 4 dives to backside rebound, 2 flares to the backside corner and 3 looks for a shot or high-low pass to 5.

DIAGRAM 4: If 5 and 3 are not open, 1 dribbles to the baseline to feed 5 or throw a European skip pass to 2, and 4 posts up strong off the skip pass.