‘Providence’ From Myron Lowery, Providence High School, Charlotte, North Carolina

DIAGRAM 1: 1 pitches the ball ahead to 2 on the break, and 1 cuts through to the weak-side box. 2 reverses the ball to 4.

DIAGRAM 2: 4 dribbles to the opposite elbow, while 1 curls up behind 4 for a potential handoff. If the option is there, 4 gives the ball to 1, who drives hard to the basket. 5 curls to the opposite block for a potential pass.

DIAGRAM 3: If 1’s defender goes under, 4 can hit 1 for a 3-point shot.

DIAGRAM 4: If 1’s defender goes over the top, 4 can hit 3 on the back door cut, 2 coming off a screen from 5, or 5 shifting to the wing after setting the screen.