‘Iowa’ From Kim Elders, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

DIAGRAM 1: 5 downscreens for 3. 1 takes a short dribble and passes to 3 near the right corner.

DIAGRAM 2: 1 moves to the left block, and 4 takes the defender down just below the free-throw line and pops back out to the top of the key. 5 screens across for 2, who cuts out to the right block. 3 reverses the ball to 4.

DIAGRAM 3: 1 pops out to the left wing for a pass from 4. 3 cuts off a backscreen by 2, and 5 circles around and sets the pick. 4 goes inside and sets a second pick.

DIAGRAM 4: 1 looks for 3 by the left block before passing the ball to 2 coming off the double stagger screen from 4 and 5. 2 should have a good look at a 3-point shot.