WVSSAC student-athlete transfer rule draws questions

November 15, 2023 / Athletic AdministrationBasketball
New transfer rules in the West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission (WVSSAC) set by the state legislature are drawing attention at the start of the winter sports season.

Under the new rules, high school student-athletes are allowed to switch schools one time without changing where they live.

wvssacAfter a fall season that saw many lopsided scores on the football field due to the new rule, many are expecting a similar result on the hardwood.

WCHS Eyewitness News spoke with David Price, the executive director of the WVSSAC. Below is an excerpt from the  WCHS Eyewitness News interview

“Once you practice with your school, you are enrolled,” Price explained. “You cannot participate if you transfer. You are ineligible to participate in any school you may transfer to during that season.”

This means a one-time transfer student could play another sport, just not the one they started to practice for. Price provided an example.

“I go try out for basketball at School A. The first three days, I find I’m only going to make JV or maybe not make the team. I cannot transfer as my one-time transfer to another school and participate in basketball,” Price said.

Only time will tell if the rule will allow for basketball season to run smoothly.

“Based on our experience in the fall, there have been a lot of questions and a lot of concerns during this period,” Price continued. “We expect the same thing coming up for the winter sports.”

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The Legislature could eventually decide to reverse the rules, but the winter sports season has already started.

The WVSSAC high school girls’ basketball season started on Nov. 6 while the boys’ season tipped off on Nov. 13.

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