Texas officials considering harsher penalties for fights

There were 16 fights on Texas high school basketball courts last year, according to the Dallas Morning News, and state referees want to do something about it.

The newspaper reports that the Texas High School Basketball Officials Association intends to study whether to implement harsher penalties on teams and players involved in fights. The association’s executive chairman Eddie Hopkins wasn’t certain what those penalties might be, but he believes something must to be done to address the growing problem.

“We officiate basketball, not boxing,” Hopkins told the University Interscholastic League (UIL), according to the Dallas Morning News.

From the article:

UIL Executive Director Charles Breithaupt said it’s not just basketball and it’s both genders. One issue is seniors nearing the end of their careers, taking shots because they figure there won’t be many consequences. 

The UIL could have some recommendations ready by the next legislative council in October. Breithaupt mentioned possibly suspending players for the next immediate game or even the next half as possible actions. 

Currently, punishment might not come until after a District Executive Committee hearing, which can take weeks. 

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