Tennessee teacher, coach accused of sexual harassment

January 3, 2024 / Athletic AdministrationBaseballCoaching
A Tennessee high school teacher and baseball coach has been under investigation and subsequently disciplined following allegations of inappropriate conduct toward female students.

Jacob Witter, who taught at Rockwood (TN) High School and coached baseball at Roane County (TN) High School, was accused of sexual harassment in 2023.

tennesseeAnd though the Roane County Sheriff’s Office found evidence supporting the inappropriate conduct toward female students, they did not find evidence committed a crime.

A recent report from WBIR.com detailed the investigation and the allegations made against Witter. Below is an excerpt from the WBIR.com story.

Investigators wrote Witter told a student that “after she turned 18 that she needs to be aware that some male teachers may want to have sex with her.” The report said Witter winked at that student, then walked away.

Another complaint said Witter wrote a word describing a sex act on a piece of paper and gave it to a student. Investigators said the act involved someone providing oral sex to a man who was defecating, the incident report shows.

Students reported Witter would body shame other teachers and students, investigators wrote. Witter accused a student of being pregnant and “anytime she would tell him she had an appointment he would say to her ‘is it about your pregnancy?'” the report said. The student was not pregnant and never had been, the report said.

A student told investigators Witter liked to pull her ponytail, the incident report said.

Roane County Sheriff’s deputies wrote no student accused Witter of any sexual touching, stalking, or sexual propositions.

The evidence did not support any crime by Coach Witter, the incident report said, but it did show inappropriate conduct with female students.

A letter in Witter’s personnel file shows the school district placed him on administrative leave without pay on Nov. 13, 2023, to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct. The Sheriff’s Office investigation began that day, the incident report said.

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