Shock Doctor Releases New Performance Sport Insole

January 22, 2013 / Hockey
Shock Doctor ( , the #1 mouthguard company in the world and leading innovator of performance sports protective technology and equipment, announces their all-new, revolutionary line of Performance Sport Insoles (  designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes by their particular sport.

The only line in the market to meet the specific needs of team sport athletes, Shock Doctor’s new line offers technologically superior insoles for Cleat (football, baseball and soccer), Court (basketball, tennis), Skate (hockey, inline) and Active (running, hiking, walking, training) starting at just $19.99.
“As with any new category that Shock Doctor enters into, we seek to be the #1 choice for athletes around the world in that category and overall,” says Tony Armand, CEO of Shock Doctor. “While other insoles force wearers to choose between comfort and support, Shock Doctor’s innovative, game-changing technology incorporates the perfect balance of shock absorption, stability and support into every model eliminating the need for compromise.”

Featuring Shock Doctor’s groundbreaking Adaptive Arch technology, which adapts to all foot shapes and arch heights, Control Bar, Full-Foot Foam and Integrated Shock Pads, the new Performance Sport Insoles give users a pro-active solution to protecting their feet and joints from injury while maximizing performance. The most adaptable insole choice on the market, Shock Doctor Performance Sport Insoles enhance athletic performance, protection and recovery, allowing athletes to compete at the highest level without sacrificing comfort or support.

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